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As a professional actor, it is important to find the right agent. There are many agents out there and it can be difficult to find the one that is perfect for you. In this blog post, we will give you the best strategy to find an acting agent + let you know ” what to expect at your interview”.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Acting Agent

A professional acting agent is a person who manages the career of an actor. The actor will usually meet with the agent and they will discuss their career and any upcoming projects that they may have.

The benefits of hiring a professional acting agent are that you will be able to get work more easily, as well as make sure that your fees are being paid on time.

What do Acting Agents Do?

Agents are the go-between for actors and producers. They help actors find work and negotiate their contracts.

Actors need agents to help them get auditions, jobs and negotiate contracts.

Agents also help them find representation in other countries where they want to work.

Some agents are exclusively for actors who want to work in commercials or voiceovers, while others are for those who want to do theater or film.

How To Find The Right Type of Acting Agent For You

The acting industry is a difficult one to break into.

It requires a lot of talent, passion, and hard work. However, it can be quite tough to find the right agent for you.

To make things easier, here are some tips on how to find the best acting agent for you:

  • Research your candidates. Determine how many agents work for the agency, where the agency is located, how long the agency has been in business, what their submission guidelines are, etc.
  • Look for agents that work primarily with other acting agencies with an established client list
  • Search for an agent who specializes in representing actors and has a long history of success
  • Ask for referrals from other actors that have been clients of theirs
  • They should also have a good reputation and be respected in their industry.
  • Finally, Check if they specialize in your genre

What Agents Want From Their Clients

Agents want to see their clients succeed and be happy. They want to help them reach their full potential and provide a positive experience for their clients.

Agents are not just there to take commission, they are there to find the right role for the actor, provide feedback on what they can do better, and help them make the right decisions.

The agent will often get to know the actor more and their interests in order to provide better insight.

Agents find out what the actors’ goals are, how they can best help them reach their goals, and then they act as a liaison between the actor and casting directors or producers.

What To Expect in an Agent Meeting? 

Remember, you are interviewing the agent just as they are interviewing you! 

Once you know which agency is right for you, here are a few things you should expect: 

  • Discussing your ‘type’ and which roles you’d like to play
  • Reviewing your resume and other materials
  • Discussing your strengths and weaknesses
  • Getting to know you as a person

Be prepared,

You should always have your resume and headshot with you when meeting in person and also be ready to show your work.

Think of any projects that are relevant ( a video compilation of your recent work) and share them on the spot if they ask to see your talents.

Finally, have questions ready for themThese questions will help you get to know them as people, helping you determine whether or not they would be the right agent for you.

  • How many actors do they represent?
  • What do you believe my ‘type’ is? 
  • How do they communicate with actors?



This guide has given you a broad overview of what to look for in an acting agent and how to go about finding the best fit for your needs.

Let us know which agency you are planning on joining below…

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