How to Get a Great Headshot

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In this article, we will go over the essential elements that make for a great headshot. We will also discuss what makes an awesome headshot pop!

What Makes an Awesome Headshot?

Headshots are a crucial part of the entertainment industry. They are used for auditions, headshot sessions, and other events.

The best headshots are those that represent the actor in a natural way. The actor should look like themselves and not some other person they want to be.

The best headshots are the ones that show a person’s personality and express their style.

Tips for a great Headshot

1. Headshot Camera

A headshot camera is a type of camera that is specifically used to take headshots.

You need to make sure that your headshot is taken with a great camera and not a cell phone camera.

The goal for most headshot photoshoots is to create high-quality, flattering portraits that showcase your subject’s personality. Using the right gear will help you create the best images possible.

Headshots are important for actors, models, and other performers. They can be taken from a variety of angles and distances.

Check out the best cameras for headshots here.

2. Move Closer to the Camera

When shooting a portrait, the photographer should be mindful of lens distance. The closer the lens is to the subject, the more flattering and intimate the photo will be.

The farther away from the camera you are, the more likely you are to have unflattering photos. The photographer should always be mindful of this when shooting a portrait.

3. Take More Than One Picture

It is important to have more than one picture in a photoshoot. You should not only rely on a single shot.

Take as many pictures as you can and then choose the best ones to put together.

You should also try to make sure that you are taking pictures from different angles and perspectives.

This will help you get the best shots possible for your photoshoot.

4. Communicate with your eyes

The eye is the most important part of a headshot.

Even if you feel frustrated with your expression in the photo, it’s still crucial to make your eyes alive and engaged.

Also, avoid standing straight to the camera

Standing facing the camera gives a slightly ‘mug-shot’ feel to a photograph & emphasizes the width of your body.

Think angles. Angles are flattering to all body shapes. 

5. Posture is key!

Good posture is key to looking confident in your photograph.

Posture is an important factor in how people see you.

It gives off a lot of information about how you feel about yourself and how you want others to perceive you. Good posture can also help with back pain and improve your mood.

Some photographers are hands-on when positioning actors.

So, prepare ahead of time by practicing your poses and positions so you can have a more relaxed, successful shoot.

Keep your back straight & your shoulders back & relaxed.

Avoid slouching your shoulders.

6. Smile

If you want to give your best smile, you need to feel some kind of emotion.

If you aren’t happy at that moment, try to create some emotion by thinking about one of your happiest memories and then give your best smile.

Another helpful tip to relax your face and avoid a goofy grin is to put the tip of your tongue on the back of your top teeth.

7. Professional Headshot photographer

Make sure that your headshot is taken by a professional photographer.

A professional headshot photographer will make sure that you are well lit, in the right position, and wearing the correct attire.

They will also know how to take your photo in a flattering way.

The photographer will make sure that you don’t have any distracting backgrounds or unflattering angles.

They will also retouch your photo to make you look as good as possible on camera.

8. Relax your hands and arms

The hands are an important part of a headshot, but it is often forgotten that they should be relaxed.

When a hand is tense or angled in an awkward way it can be distracting and make the shot seem unnatural. ( If one part of the body is tense, it might affect your image)

In order to avoid this, simply let your hand drop naturally.

9. Be You

This implies that there is no right or wrong way to introduce yourself.

It just depends on your image, so make sure the image represents YOU/ YOUR BRAND.

10. Wardrobe

We recommend you hire a wardrobe stylist and a solid hair and makeup professional. But if that’s, not the case,

You want to make sure that you are not wearing anything too distracting in the background such as bright colors or patterns.

Keep in mind, the goal is to keep the attention on you, not on what you’re wearing.

Also, be mindful about your jewelry.

11. Relax

You should get enough sleep the night before.

And drink plenty of water and eat a healthy breakfast on the day of your shoot.


The best headshots are the ones that show a person’s personality and express their style.

You need to make sure that your headshot is taken with a great camera and not a cell phone camera.

And make sure that your headshot is taken by a professional photographer.

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