Should You Go to Acting School? Pros and Cons of Acting School

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Acting school is a great way to get started in the industry, but it is not for everyone. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of attending acting school and guide you on what to consider when choosing an acting school for Yourself.

Pros of Attending an Acting School

Acting is a very competitive industry, but it also offers some of the most fulfilling careers. It is not easy to get into the acting industry, but if you have what it takes, then you should go for it.

  • You will learn how to read people and situations better and be able to express yourself in different ways.
  • You will also learn how to take care of your body and mind, which is essential for any artist or performer.
  • You will have great acting exercises that will help you improve your acting.
  • You will learn how to be more creative and artistic, there are no limits to what can you create!
  • The personal and social benefits include the ability to get a different perspective on life.
  • It is also beneficial for those who are dealing with personal issues or mental illness, or just need some support from others.
  • You will have a wide range of opportunities in other fields like production, casting directors, and agents.
  • Acting Supports a Happier Social Life- Confidence is perhaps the greatest key to achieving success in life, and acting classes are one of the best ways to bolster confidence. . Acting classes also enhance social skills and self-esteem, which ultimately supports a better life experience.
  • Communication Skills- Acting classes can help you develop better communication skills, including speaking and listening. And this skill is vital to success in any profession, including those that require public speaking and the ability to relay information effectively.
  • Lastly, it is incredibly fun and rewarding!

What to Consider When Choosing an Acting School for Yourself

There are many factors to consider, such as location, reputation, teachers, and curriculum.

The first thing to consider when choosing an acting school is its location. Find out how far away it is from your home or work and whether or not public transportation will be available to you on a regular basis.

The next factor to consider would be the reputation of the drama school – what are other people saying about it?

If you are comparing two schools that are similar, ask yourself which one has a greater number of alumni in the industry.

You should also find out what teachers teach at the school and which curriculum is being followed.

Does the school provide an audition process? What audition materials does it provide students with?

The process of finding the right school can be a very arduous task. It is important to ask yourself:

  • What do I want from an acting school?
  • How does it make me feel?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses as an actor?
  • And most importantly, what am I looking for in a drama school?

Cons of Attending an Acting School

Expensive – The first disadvantage is the cost. Acting schools are more expensive than on-the-job training.

Experience – The second disadvantage is the lack of experience. Actors who attend an acting school are less likely to be able to get a job right away because they lack experience. Some extra preparation (acting classes) is suggested after graduation.

limited career opportunities after graduation – You can’t use an acting school to get a job in the non-acting field,


Drama School > University

Getting into a good drama school is hard, but if you want to be an entertainer and have a degree, then it is worth the time and effort to get in.

Acting schools provide a space for people who want to find their passion at any age.

Some actors are self-taught; however, going to an acting school can help you develop your skills faster and better.

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