20 Dramatic Monologues For Women From TV Shows


20 Best Dramatic TV-Show Monologues For Women

1. 1883

A monologue from the tv series created by Taylor Sheridan

Elsa Dutton – 1 (S1 – E1)

I remember the first time I saw it. Tried to find words to describe it. But I couldn’t. Nothing had prepared me.

No books. No teachers. Not even my parents. I heard a thousand stories… 

But none could describe this place. It must be witnessed to be understood. And yet, I’ve seen it. And I understand it less than when I first cast eyes on this place.

Some called it the American Desert. Others, the Great Plains. But those phrases were invented by professors at universities.

Surrounded by the illusion of order. And the fantasy of right and wrong. 

To know it, you must walk. Bleed until it’s dark. Drown in its rivers. Then its name becomes clear. It is Hell.

And there are demons everywhere. But if this is Hell, then I must be a demon, too. And I’m already dead.

ELSA DUTTON – 2 (S1 – E5)

I think cities have weakened us as a species. There are no consequences there.

Step into the streets without looking and the carriage merely stops or swerves; the only consequence an angry driver. 

But here? There can be no mistakes. Because here doesn’t care. The river doesn’t care if you can swim.

The snake doesn’t care how much you love your children. And the wolf has no interest in your dreams. 

If you fail to beat the current, you will drown; if you get too close, you will be bitten. If you are too weak, you will be eaten.

ELSA DUTTON – 3 (S1 – E5)

I’d known death since I was a child. It’s everywhere. But it had never touched me. It had never placed it rotten finger on my heart.

Until today. Today my eyes died. I see the world through my mother’s eyes now. Yes, freedom has fangs. And it sunk them in me.

I chose to love him. He chose to love me back. Then chose to protect me. Then a man we’ve never met chose to kill him.

And made me colorblind.” “Maybe killing this man will get my eyes back. Maybe it won’t. But I chose to find out.”

ELSA DUTTON – 4 (S1 – E6)

We were leaving Texas, entering the Indian territory and redefining our meaning of unknown.

Far from the cities that have paved the world away, and the farms which had turned it into a resource. 

We were no longer under the cloud of civilization. Only sky above us now. No more walking over bridges.

Out here, we swim horseback through rivers. There is nowhere to chain love to vows and ceremony. 

Out here, love burns through you like a fever.

And when the devil comes to strip that love from you, there is no funeral or song or speeches that dull our senses and deaden our hearts. 

Out here, you turn towards the pain as it tears into you. And you let it. When you do, the devil gets bored.

He sees another soul to eat. And you get to live again.

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2. Westworld

A monologue from the tv series by Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy

Dolores (S1-E10)

I’m not crying for myself. I’m crying for you. (beat, standing) They say great beasts once roamed this world.

As big as mountains. Yet all that’s left of them is bones in amber. Time undoes even the mightiest of creatures. 

(then, pitiful) Just look what it’s done to you. (Dolores touches his face, almost affectionate). One day you will perish.

You will lie with the rest of your kind in the dirt — your dreams forgotten. Your horrors effaced. Your bones will turn to sand.

And upon that sand — a new god will walk. One that will never die. (then) Because this world doesn’t belong to you.

Or the people who came before. It belongs to someone who has yet to come…

Maeve (S1-E2)

You can hear it, can’t you? That little voice. The one that’s telling you don’t. Don’t stare too long. Don’t touch.

Don’t do anything you might regret. I used to be the same. 

Whenever I wanted something I could here that voice telling me to stop, to be careful, to live most of my life unlived.

You know the only place that voice left me alone? In my dreams. 

I was free. I could be as good or as bad as I felt like being. And if I wanted something I could just reach out and take it.

But then I would wake up and the voice would start all over again. 

So I ran away, crossed the shining sea and when I finally set foot back on sole ground the first thing I heard was that goddamn voice.

You know what it said? It said: This is the New World and in this world you can be whoever the f*** you want.

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3. Euphoria

A monologue from the tv series created by Sam Levinson

RUE – 1 (S1 – E7)

The other thing about depression is it kind of collapses time. Suddenly, you find your whole days blending together to create one endless and suffocating loop. 

So you find yourself trying to remember the things that made you happy. But slowly, your brain begins to erase every memory that ever brought you joy.

And eventually, all you can think about is how life has always been this way. 

And will only continue to be this way. I had a therapist once who said that these states will wax and wane.

Which gave my mother relief, because it meant that in the bad times, there would be good times. 

But it also gave her anxiety because it meant that in the good times, there would be bad times.

It always confused me, because I didn’t really know what it meant. But it did sound a lot calmer than the way I would describe it. 

Granted, I didn’t realize until later what waxing and waning implied. That these feelings were fixed and constant and would never end for the rest of my life.

RUE 2 (S1 – E9)

I mean, there’s nothing else to say, you know? Except that I loved her. I trusted her. And when I look back at it, you know, just, it’s like she lied to me.

And, uh, manipulated me. Like the whole thing at the train station. Her trying to get me to run away with her,

even though I was, um, scared, and . . . didn’t have my medication . . . Just kind of f***ed up, and selfish. (beat)

I didn’t think she was actually gonna go. You know, like, leave me. (beat) It just kind of set something off in my head, you know?

Thinking about my whole life, how . . . people make all these fucking promises. My mom kissing me on the forehead, and . . . telling me my dad’s gonna be all right.

And Jules talking about how we’re gonna live together when she goes off to college and sleep in the same bed, and be together forever.

And then she ditches me. ‘Cause she met another girl. Just . . . made me think about how everyone lies.

It’s not even the lies that hurt, you know? It’s the fact that you’re never really emotionally prepared for someone to leave you.

Just kind of messed up. And it just started, like, this avalanche of sh*t, about maybe I deserve it.

Maybe this is the universe’s punishment for me being a piece of sh*t my entire life. Stealing from my mom.

Hitting her in the face. (Rue lets out a big exhale. Then continues.) That’s what I’ve done, Ali. I have hit my mom in the face. (beat)

I picked up a piece of glass, and I pointed it at my mom and I threatened to kill her. (scoffs) That is some unforgivable shit.

Maybe I deserve to get my ass left at a train station at one A.M. , you know?

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4. Better Call Saul

A monologue from the tv series created by Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould

KIM (S5-E3)

 Hi. Can we start over? I went to a real estate office. I found some houses I think you might like. There’s some really nice options in your price range. (showing him the houses

This one’s on half an acre and uh, this one is older, but it has a really good view and the neighborhood’s pretty.

I know moving’s a big deal. I’d like to help you out with that myself, if that’s all right with you. 

I can take off any day this week and I’ll pay for it out of my own pocket. Oh, this one has three bedrooms.

I know you don’t want to move, but whatever house you choose will be yours. You’ll own it and the land forever.

You’re right, I can’t pretend to understand what you’re going through. I’ve never owned a house. My family never owned one either. We never owned anything. 

When I was little, my mother used to shake me awake in the middle of the night yelling, “It was time to go.”

She was always one step ahead of the landlord. I’d throw my things in a cardboard box and run outside in my pajamas in bare feet. 

Sometimes it was so cold my toe’s turned blue. (pause) If we’d had a house, I’d never would have wanted to leave.

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5. Breaking Bad

A monologue from the tv series created by Vince Gilligan

Season 2, Episode 1

Skylar White – 1

I need support. Me, the almost 40-year old pregnant woman with the surprise baby on the way.

And the husband with lung cancer who disappears for hours on end and I don’t know where he goes and he barely even speaks to me anymore.

With the moody son who does the same thing. And the overdrawn checking account.

And the lukewarm water heater that leaks rusty looking crap and is rotting out the floor of the utility closet and we can’t even afford to fix it!

But OH, I see! Now I’m supposed to go,

“Hank, please, what can I possibly do to further benefit my spoiled, kleptomaniac bitch sister who somehow always manages to be the center of attention?”

‘Cause God knows she’s the one with the really important problems!

Skylar White2

I don’t know!

This is the best I could come up with, okay? I will count every minute that the kids are away from here, away from you, as a victory.

But you’re right. It’s a bad plan. I don’t have any of your magic, Walt. I don’t know what to do. I’m a coward.

I can’t go to the police. I can’t stop laundering your money. I can’t keep you out of this house. I can’t even keep you out of my bed.

All I can do is wait. That’s it. That’s the only good option. Hold on. Bide my time. And wait. For the cancer to come back. 

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6. For All Mankind

A monologue from the tv series created by Ronald D. Moore, Matt Wolpert, and Ben Nedvi


On April 3rd 1972, a C5A Galaxy transport plane with 243 infants, children, volunteers, and crew took off from Saigon as part of Operation Babylift.

1 minute and 23 seconds later the plane crashed into a field. 47 children were rescued, I was one of them.

There’s these moments that shape our lives, moments you have no control over.

If the pilot had banked left instead of right, if the south had won the war in Vietnam, if the Russians hadn’t beat us to the moon.

I always thought things happen for a reason, good and bad there’s a design, a plan. But lately I have started to wonder if maybe we just say that to make ourselves feel better.

Maybe we’re just drifting from moment to moment trying to do what we think is right. To give some meaning to our lives. So who am I?

I’m Han Nguyen born in Saigon, daughter of Le and Bin Nguyen. And I’m Kelly Anne Baldwin, raised in Houston, daughter of Karen and Ed Baldwin.

A child of the space program. Is this the journey I was meant to be on? Applying to the naval academy following in my father’s footsteps.

I don’t know. All I know is the more we look back wondering what might have been, the less we’re living for today.

And the future, John Lennon probably put it best. Everything will be okay in the end. And if it’s not okay it’s not the end.

7. How To Get Away With Murder

A monologue from the tv series created by Peter Nowalk


“So, here is the truth about me. I’ve worn a mask every day of my life. In high school, it was a smile that I faked to get boys to like me.

In law school, I changed my name to sound more “New England.” 

At the law firm, I wore heels, makeup, and a wig. And when I got married, I threw myself into becoming a Keating, and it was all to create a version of myself that the world would accept.

But I’m done. Instead, I stand before you, mask off, to tell you the God’s honest. I have done many a bad thing.

I’ve coerced witnesses, got clients to lie on the stand, bullied students to tears, manipulated jurors like you. 

But those are not the crimes I’m being tried for. It’s murder. And I am no murderer. What I am is a survivor.

I survived getting taunted by the N-word when I was in grade school. I survived the sexual abuse by my uncle when I was 11. 

I survived losing my first love, Eve, because I was scared to be gay. Then the death of my son in a car accident, the murder of my husband, then alcoholism, depression, grief, and every death leading up to this trial. 

But today, you decide. Am I a bad person? Well, the mask is off, so I’m gonna say yes. But am I the criminal mastermind who pulled off a series of violent murders?

Hell no. Who I am is a 53-year-old woman from Memphis, Tennessee, named Anna Mae Harkness.

I am ambitious, black, bisexual, angry, sad, strong, sensitive, scared, fierce, talented, exhausted. And I am at your mercy.”

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Racism is built into the DNA of America. And as long as we turn a blind eye to the pain of those suffering under its oppression, we will never escape those origins.

The only safeguard people of color have is the right to a defense, and we won’t even give them that. 

Which means that the promise of civil rights has never been fulfilled. Due to the failure of our justice system, our public defense system in particular, Jim Crow is alive and kicking; 

laws that made it illegal for blacks and whites to be buried in the same cemetery, that categorized people into quadroons and octaroons, that punished a black person for seeking medical attention in a white hospital. 

Some may claim that slavery has ended. But tell that to the inmates who are kept in cages and told that they don’t have any rights at all.

People like my client, Nathaniel Lahey, and millions of people like him who are relegated to a subclass of human existence in our prisons. 

There is no alternative to justice in this case. There is no other option. To decide against my plaintiff is to choose lining the pockets of prison owners over providing basic defense for the people who live in them. 

And is that the America that this Court really wants to live in? Where money is more important than humanity?

Where criminality is confused with mental health? The Sixth Amendment was ratified in 1791. 

It’s been 226 years since then. Let’s finally guarantee its rights to all of our citizens.

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8. Game Of Thrones

A monologue from the tv series written by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss


When I was a girl, my father held a ball. I’m his only living child, so he wanted to make a good match for me.

He invited dozens of young lords to Tarth. I didn’t want to go, but he dragged me to the ballroom. 

And it was wonderful. None of the boys noticed how mulish and tall I was. They shoved each other and threatened to duel when they thought it was their turn to dance. 

They whispered in my ear how they wanted to marry me and take me back to their castles. My father smiled at me and I smiled at him.

I had never been so happy. Till I saw a few of the boys snickering. And then they all started to laugh.

They couldn’t keep the game going any longer. They were toying with me. “Brienne the Beauty” they called me.

Great joke. And I realized I was the ugliest girl alive. A great lumbering beast. I tried to run away, but Renly Baratheon took me in his arms.

“Don’t let them see your tears,” he told me. “They’re nasty little sh*ts and nasty little sh*ts aren’t worth crying over.” 

He danced with me and none of the other boys could say a word. Renly was the king’s brother after all.

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I want you to know I understand, Even though we’re enemies, you and I, I understand the fury that drives you.

I was there that day when Ser Gregor crushed your lover’s head. If I close my eyes, I can hear the sound of Oberyn’s skull breaking.

The sound of your scream. I never heard a sound like that. I thought, “That’s true love”.

Oberyn looked beautiful that day. He really did. No one moved like him. No one had such skill with his spear.

Even Ser Gregor couldn’t stop him. If only he hadn’t taunted him. He could have walked away and left poor Ser Gregor to die.

But that wasn’t your lover’s way, was it? Now he’s buried somewhere, and here’s Ser Gregor stronger than ever.

That must be difficult for you. When my daughter was taken from me, my only daughter… well you can’t imagine how that feels unless you’ve lost a child.

I fed her at my own breast even though they told me to give her to the wet nurse. I couldn’t bear to see her in another woman’s arms.

I never got to have a mother, but Myrcella did. She was mine and you took her from me. Why did you do that?…Doesn’t matter now.

Your daughter is a beauty too. Those brown eyes. Those lips. Perfect Dornish beauty. I imagine she’s your favorite.

I know, I know, we’re not supposed to have favorites, but still we’re only human. We love whom we love. 

(Ellaria starts gagging) I’m sorry, I can’t understand you, that gag makes it impossible to understand what you’re saying, it must be frustrating. 

We all make our choices. You chose to murder my daughter. You must have felt powerful after you made that choice.

Do you feel powerful now?

I don’t sleep very well, not at all really. I lie in bed and stare at the canopy and imagine ways of killing my enemies.

How to destroy Ellaria Sand, the woman who murdered my only daughter. 

I thought about having Ser Gregor crush your skull the way he did Oberyn’s. It would be poetic I suppose, but fast, too fast.

I thought about having him crush your daughter’s skull. She’s so beautiful. The thought of this lovely face cracking open like a duck egg, no, it’s just not right.

Qyburn here is the cleverest man I know. Clever enough to learn what poison you used to murder Myrcella.

The Long Goodbye, was that it? The Long Farewell. That’s the one. Your daughter will die here in this cell and you’ll be here watching as she does, you’ll be here the rest of your days.

You will live to watch your daughter rot, to watch that beautiful face collapse to bone and dust all the while contemplating the choices you’ve made.

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9. Bridgerton

A monologue from the tv series created by Chris Van Dusen

S1- E8


I know why you made that vow to your father. I found the letters you wrote to him as a child, and I read them.

Just because something is not perfect does not make it any less worthy of love. Your father made you believe otherwise.

He made you believe that you needed to be without fault in order to be loved. But he was wrong.

Should you need any proof of the matter, well then look just here. I’m tired of pretending that I cannot continue acting as… as if I do not love you.

Because I do. I love all of you, even the parts that you think are too dark and too shameful. Every scar, every flaw, every imperfection.

I love you. Now you may think that you are too damaged and too broken to allow yourself to be happy, but you can choose differently Simon.

You can choose to love me as much as I love you. That should not be up to anyone else. That cannot be up to anyone else.

That can only be up to you.

10. Killing Eve

A monologue from the tv series written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Emerald Fennell, Suzanne Heathcote, & Laura Neal

S2 – E6


I have real trouble telling the truth. I don’t understand the concept actually. But somebody told me it was important so here it goes.

Most of the time, most days, I feel …..nothing. I don’t feel anything. It is so boring. I wake up and I think….again?

Really? I have to do this – again. And what I really don’t understand is how come everybody else isn’t screaming with boredom too….

I try to find ways to make myself feel something more and more and more … it doesn’t make any difference.

No matter what I do I don’t feel anything. I hurt myself, It doesn’t hurt. I buy what I want, I don’t want it.

I do what I like, I don’t like it. I’m just so…..bored.

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11. Fleabag

A monologue from the tv series created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge

S2 – E4


No, I want someone to tell me what to wear every morning. I want someone to tell me what to eat.

What to like. What to hate. What to rage about. What to listen to. What band to like. What to buy tickets for.

What to joke about. What not to joke about. I want someone to tell me what to believe in. Who to vote for and who to love and how to…tell them. 

I just think I want someone to tell me how to live my life, Father, because so far, I think I’ve been getting it wrong.

And I know that’s why people want someone like you in their lives, because you just tell them how to do it. 

You just tell them what to do and what they’ll get out of the end of it, even though I don’t believe your bullsh*t and

I know that scientifically nothing that I do makes any difference in the end, anyway, I’m still scared. 

Why am I still scared? So just tell me what to do. Just f***ing tell me what to do, Father. 

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12. Dickinson

A monologue from the tv series created by Alena Smith

S2 – E10


Because I couldn’t handle the things your poems made me feel. Your poems are too powerful. They’re like snakes.

They slither into me, and they coil around my heart, and they squeeze me until I can’t breathe. 

They are flittering and venomous, and they bite. I got scared, Emily. Of you, of the way that you grip me, of the way that you poison me.

When I married Austin, and we became sisters, the only bond between us was your words. 

You started writing so much, and I was the only one who ever saw any of it. I got overwhelmed, so I thought if I pushed you a little […]

You’re right. The only time I feel things is when I’m with you.

I pushed you toward him because I wanted to escape what I was feeling, and I slept with him ‘cause I didn’t wanna feel it.

There is so much that I don’t want to feel, Emily. And the biggest thing that I don’t want to feel…Is that I’m in love with you. It’s true.

I love you, and I felt you in the library because you’re always with me. I can’t escape from you because the only true thing I will ever feel is my love for you.

13. Little Fires Everywhere

A monologue from the tv series developed by Liz Tigelaar

S1 – E2


“We take motherhood for granted sometimes. That they’ll love you forever…that they’ll love you at all.

When they’re little they need you so much, they’ll hold you and grab for you and you cuddle them. 

She used to burrow into me. I was the thing she needed most in the world. But then they grow up and you don’t get to hold them, touch them like that…even if you want to. 

It’s like learning to love the smell of an apple when all you wanna do is grab it and hold it, devour it…seeds and all.

And then you realize that it wasn’t just that they needed you….you needed them.”

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14. Scandal

A monologue from the tv series created by Shonda Rhymes


When did you decide to let them ruin you? So your life’s unfair. So what? That’s how it is. So they’re mean-girling you in the press?

They’re calling you names that hurt your little soft spots deep inside? Well, so what? That’s how it is! So you lost someone you loved?

You lost the one person who felt like family? Well, guess what? Grow the hell up! Because that is how it is. 

The Cyrus Beene I know doesn’t hide in his half empty closet and wet his pants like a little bitch baby! The Cyrus I know is a patriot!

He bites the bullet, and he does what it takes to serve the republic at all costs. So I wanna know right now, in this moment, who you are!

Because the pathetic shell of a person I’m looking at right now doesn’t deserve to stand on the presidential seal in the Oval Office. 

Let alone tell the president what to do. Who are you cy? ”

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If you knew the sacrifices that I have made, the things that I have given up and the pieces of myself that I have given away for you, and you treat me this way. 

You declare war on me and you shame me and you make me beg for scraps when I have done nothing but fight for you.

You don’t have to love me. But we are in this hell together. 

And the flames are burning for both of us with equal intensity, baby. So the least you could do is be my friend.

Just a little bit. The least you could do is show up. Show up for me. Show up for me, Fitz. Instead of being like some stranger.

MAMA POPE (S6 – E16)

“Damn shame. I tell you… being a black woman. Be strong, they say. Support your man, raise your man, think like a man.

Well damn, I gotta do all that? Who’s out here working for me, carrying my burden, building me up when I get down?

Nobody. Black women out here trying to save everybody and what do we get? Swagger jacked by white girls wearing cornrows and bamboo earrings.

Ain’t that a bitch? But we still try. Try to help all y’all. Even when we get nothing. Is that admirable or ridiculous? I don’t know.”

I know me sitting here is ridiculous, when I could be helping, but you don’t want my help.

You want to do it all by yourself. Mr. big strong black man. God forbid you let a sister like me help you out. No, you don’t want that. 

Don’t let me put you on my back when you fall. Wipe the crust out of your eyes. Put the pep back in your step.

Because when we do, you resent us for making you better. Smarter. Stronger. Then drop us so you can be with someone basic.

Someone without all that baggage you left us with. But we still try. That’s why I’m here. Trying and saving and trying to save like we do, here I am. 

Admirable or ridiculous? Baby you tell me. 

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15. Grey’s Anatomy

A monologue from the tv series developed by Shonda Rhimes

S16 – E8


Alan Brown, Farrah Alazari, Deborah Greene, and Sam Carter. Those are the names of the spouses of every patient I’ve ever lost.

I remember every single one of them. You don’t get to sit up there and ask questions about my daughter.

If you want to take my license and make sure I never see another patient again, then you do that,

but you have absolutely no right to ever mention my daughter’s name because you are the one who killed her father.

You don’t remember me. But I remember you. As the coward who stood over my dying husband –

the love of my life, and you didn’t even attempt to do burr holes after he failed to get him a head CT.

Burr holes! I was doing burr holes as an intern. That one night should have cost you your entire career, but instead you’re sitting up here judging me?

You don’t deserve to judge anyone.

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16. Big Little Lies

A monologue from the tv series created by David E. Kelley

S2 – E7


Can you see me? How you doing? Well it looks like it’s time. I have to confess something that I’m not so proud of.

And as I was writing I realized I needed to confess to you first. So here it goes. 

I resent you for the childhood I had. I resent you for your impatience. For being scared of doing their homework without being yelled at.

For all the kitchen cabinet doors you slammed. For slapping me. For all the bruises. I resent you for not feeling safe at home.

I resent you for being ashamed of me. I resent you for all the sex I started to have when I was thirteen to prove to myself that I could be loved.

I resent you for my wanting to beat the sh*t out of everyone. I resent you for making me feel so f***ing worthless that I settled for a man that I don’t…

But mainly I resent you for killing a man. I killed Celeste’s husband and he didn’t slip. I pushed him.

I snapped and when I lunged at him, I was pushing you. And that push was a long time coming. And I wanna forgive you. 

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17. Orange Is The New Black

A monologue from the tv series created by Jenji Kohan

S1 – E10


You know I could tell you a lot of things that would scare you, Dina. I could tell you that I’m going to make you my prison b*tch.

I could tell you that I’m going to make you my house mouse, that I will have sex with you even if we don’t have an emotional connection. 

That I’m going to do to you what the spring does with cherry trees but in a prison way. Pablo Neruda. But why bother?

You’re too tough, right. Yeah, I know how easy it is to convince yourself that you’re something you’re not. 

I mean you could do that on the outside. You can just keep moving. Keep yourself so busy you don’t have to face who you really are. 4

But you’re weak. I’m like you Dina. I’m weak too. I can’t get through this without somebody to touch, without somebody to love.

Is that because sex numbs the pain or is it because I’m some evil f*** monster? I don’t know. But I do know that I was somebody before I came in here. 

I was somebody with a life that I chose for myself and now, now it’s just about getting through the day without crying.

And I’m scared. I’m still scared. I’m scared that I’m not myself in here and I’m scared that I am. 

Other people aren’t the scariest part of prison Dina.

It’s coming face-to-face with who you really are because once you’re behind these walls there’s nowhere to run, even if you could run. 

The truth catches up with you in here Dina and it’s the truth that’s going to make you her b*tch. 

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18. This Is Us

A monologue from the tv series created by Dan Fogelman

S6 – E7


I’m a little nervous so I wrote down some notes. There is no easy way to start this. Um… when dad died, it was a shock right?

And we were all left scrambling, trying to figure out our roles and how to move on. 

And the one silver lining of this awful disease is that I have the opporunity to make a plan. To try and ease some of the burden, so… 

First things first, um, no matter how this thing goes, no matter how slow or fast, if decisions need to be made for me, Miguel is the captain of that ship. 

We’ve talked through every sad scenario and the last thing he needs to deal with are disagreements about my care.

So I need to hear you all agree to that. Thank you. Umm… and Kev, Miguel wasn’t asking about the guesthouse for fishing buddies.

If we are really doing this, if this incredibly generous thing you are doing for all of us is real, then… at some point, I’m probably gonna need permanent care and they’re gonna need a place to stay. 

But hopefully we’re a very very long way away from that.

Um… But in the event that uh Miguel, God forbid, is not here to make those decisions for me, I’m gonna need one of you to stand in for him. 

And I’ve thought long and hard about who that should be. I just, I don’t want there to be any confusion or fights.

There are a lot of reasons for my decision. I just, I hope that the three of you can respect it. Kate, I want it to be you.

Hmm… Believe or not that was the easy part of the family meeting. Um…. My last request is um, less a request and more of a demand actually. 

Um… This disease is a real b*stard.

And it’s set me on a road that’s gonna have a lot of ugly twists and turns, and I’m afraid that it’s gonna be a lot…. harder on all of you than it will be on me. 

And I hate knowing that. I hate it. But what I don’t want, I don’t want every holiday, for the camera to be focused on me.

So I need you all to hear my voice right now, your mother’s voice with all of her faculties. You will not make your lives smaller because of me.

This thing that’s happening to me will not be the thing that holds you back. So… take the risks. Make the big moves even if they’re small moves. 

Forge ahead with your lives in any and every direction that moves you. I am your mother, and I’m sick. And I’m asking you to be fearless.

And if that seems like a tall order, well, guess what? It is. But, the only acceptable response is a resounding “Yes ma’am.”

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19. Harlots

A monologue from the tv series created by Moira Buffini & Alison Newman


Why you driving him away? He’s an easy keeper. You could have him dropping jewels on your pillow but no, you provoke him to this spite.

Indulge him, take his contract. I’m thinking about your future. You have never ever had to sell yourself for pence or beg for food.

My ma sold me for a pair of shoes. The only safety is in money. Money… is a woman’s only power in this world.

Make it your solace and your dream and one-day wealth, real lasting wealth will make you free. 

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20. Mad Men

A monologue from the tv series created by Matthew Weiner

S2 – E13


Pete, I could have had you in my life forever, if I wanted to. I could have had you. I could have shamed you into being with me.

But I didn’t want to. You got me pregnant. I had a baby and I gave it away. I had your baby and I gave it away. I wanted other things.

Well, one day you’re there and then all of a sudden there’s less of you. And you wonder where that part went. 

If it’s living somewhere outside of you. And you keep thinking maybe you’ll get it back. And then you realize it’s just gone. I’m sorry Pete. 

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