17 Best Acting Schools in Los Angeles

17 Best Acting Schools and Colleges in Los Angeles

In this blog post, we will answer the following question:  What are the Best Acting Schools and Colleges in Los Angeles?

We will discuss some of their unique traits, the cost of tuition, and how to get in touch with them.

Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world and home to some of the most prestigious acting schools in the country.

This sprawling metropolis is home to many celebrities, including singers and actors.

LA offers a variety of acting schools and colleges that teach aspiring stars how to act, sing or dance.

This article will help you identify, explore, and ultimately enroll in the best acting schools and classes in L.A.

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17 Best Acting Schools and Colleges in Los Angeles

Best Scene Study Acting Schools & Classes In Los Angeles

1. Beverly Hills Playhouse

About the school

With over 40 years of operation, the Beverly Hills Playhouse (BHP) is one of LA’s oldest and most respected schools.

Founded by legendary acting teacher Milton Katselas, BHP is well known for its ongoing scene-study classes. 

In addition to teaching classes, BHP has collaborated with theater and production companies to produce over 100 plays over the past 3 decades. 

The school currently works with the Crimson Square Theater Company to produce and host plays on its own Mainstage on Robertson Blvd.

BHP uses its own unique approach to train its students based on the 3 main focus areas of Acting, Attitude, and Administration.

Using this approach BHP trains actors who can read and analyze a script and transform that into a believable performance. 

The school also prepares its students to develop a strong attitude that can withstand the hardships, rejection, and negativity inherent in the industry. 

The last part of BHP’s approach teaches students to approach their career with clear specific goals and a well-planned administrative strategy that has focus, energy, and purpose. 

Acting Classes

The main courses BHP offers are Scene Study, Audition, and Kids/Young Adults classes.

The classes are divided into beginner/orientation, intermediate, and advanced levels based on the experience of the student. 

The orientation level caters to beginners and those with college-level training. The intermediate and advanced levels are for actors and directors with more professional experience. 

Scene Study Class

BHP’s famous scene study classes are the pulse of the school’s training program. Students will prepare and present 4-6 scenes each night in a master class format. 

Almost all the teaching in the class occurs during the critique of each scene by the teacher. The critiques will focus on the areas of acting, attitude, and career administration. 

BHP’s scene study classes don’t take a casual approach to scene study.

Students are expected to master the script, have a thorough understanding of the story’s context, and perform any research needed for their role. 

Audition Classes

The school offers audition classes to its current students, several times a year. Just like a real audition, students are emailed scripts up to two days in advance.

Students then prepare for their audition just like they would for a casting director. The class covers everything involved in the process including

  • How to prepare your sides
  • Entrance into the room
  • Attitude presented by the actor
  • Reading the script and
  • Leaving the room

In addition to developing their cold-reading skills, the main objective of the class is to teach the students how to apply BHP’s approach to the audition process. 

Because the class is given only to current students, those taking the class can easily understand and execute what they are told.

Students also have the unique opportunity to get help with their personal auditioning issues. The audition class is usually formatted as a twelve-week intensive workshop.

Kids/Young Adults

BHP’s ongoing acting classes for kids aged 7-17  is one of the most highly respected programs in Los Angeles.

The kids/young adults program covers classes like on-camera training, scene study, audition technique, and improv.

The school also helps its young students develop their confidence and offers career counseling based on BHP’s approach to attitude and administration.

BHP also offers individualized instruction and professional guidance to its young working actors in the form of private and on-set coaching.

How to apply

BHP admits students by interview only. Auditions are not required. Interviews are held several times each week and take 45 minutes to an hour.

Use the “schedule an interview” option on BHP’s website or call (646) 200 – 5790 to schedule your interview.

2. Berg Studios

About the school

Founded in 1998 by Gregory Berger, Berg Studios has trained incredible actors like Academy Award Winner Lupita Nyongo, Emmy Award Winner Riz Ahmed, Portia Doubleday, Winston Duke, and many others. 

Berg Studios faculty including Mr. Berger is made up of graduates from the Yale School of Drama and the Julliard School who are also working professionals.

The studio models its acting programs after the top graduate acting programs in the country.

The studio offers several ongoing acting classes as well as curated workshops taught by guest instructors from around the world. 

Berg Studio uses a two-step approach to training. First, actors develop the tools to make choices from the text and then find their own spontaneous behavior.

The studio applies this approach to all genres and media including film, tv, and theatre.

Acting Classes

The studio’s main course offerings are the Mastermind, Voice & Speech, Bootcamp, and Scene Study classes. 

Mastermind Class

The Mastermind class is designed to help students keep themselves accountable for their career goals and growth. 

In this 8-week course, students will determine their career goals, figure out what skillsets they need to develop, and create a plan of action and weekly task list.

Students may be partnered with another student to work in pairs for greater accountability. The mastermind class is limited to 8 students.  

Voice & Speech Class

In this class, students will learn how to gently dismantle the psychophysical habits that inhibit their full expression using exercises and other tools.

Students will then learn how to apply these new tools to text work and other aspects of acting. The class focuses on relaxation, body and breath work, as well as some active floor and movement work. 

Scene Study Class 

Berg’s scene studies concentrate on the key fundamentals of technique, with a special focus on physical expression and imagination.

Students will learn how to build specificity and continually discuss and explore techniques during and after scenes. 

At least twice a month, students will show their scenes while also engaging in asking questions and discussing their classmate’s scenes.


This is an introductory course that teaches students about script analysis, how to rehearse a scene, how to prepare a role, and how to repeat performances.

This is a great course for beginners and experienced actors in need of a refresher.


Students can audit classes for free at Berg Studios. Before auditing, you need to fill out the auditor form.

All audits are in person and will be held between 11 am – 1:30 pm at the Atwater Village location. 

Additional information will be sent a day before the audit. If you have further questions please call us in the office at 323-666-3382 or email us at contact@bergstudios.com.

Berg Studio Address: 
3245 Casitas Ave. Suite #104
Los Angeles, CA 90039


Mastermind8 weeksStudent rate – $250
Non-student rate – $300
Voice & Speech8 days$280
Scene-Study1 month
3 months
6 months
9 months
12 months
Bootcamp4 week$325

3. Speiser/Sturges

About the school

Shannon Sturges and Aaron Speiser have been teaching acting and coaching professional actors for over 30 years.

Sharon and Aaron partnered in 2015 to create the Speiser/Sturges Acting studio. 

The studio trains all types of actors including award-winning celebrities, trained actors, and beginners.

The Speiser/Sturges studio offers its core Technique and Scene Study classes as well as specialty classes like Commercial, Voice, Dialects, Cold Reading/Audition Technique, and Improv. 

All regular classes are for adults only (18+) but the studio offers coaching for youth actors. The studio offers small in-person classes as well as online(Zoom) classes. 

All classes offered at Speiser/Sturges are focused on acting for film and television.

The studio has trained numerous celebrity actors like Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Gerard Butler, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Marlon Wayans, Virginia Madson, Mandy Moore, and many others. 

Some of their recent alumni of working actors include Emily Somers, Imani Hakim, J. Teddy Garces, David Chandler, Francia Raisa, and Priscilla Quintana among others. 

In addition to teaching some of the best acting classes in Los Angeles, Speiser/Sturges Studio also provides private acting coaching

Acting Classes

Technique Class

The technique class is the foundation of the process that Speiser/Sturges studio teaches. Students first start with the technique class and then move on to Scene Study classes.

The class is made up of a 12-lesson curriculum that focuses on developing an actor’s instrument (concentration, imagination, relaxation) through exercises and improvisation. 

Students will develop a practical method or process of acting that works for them in this class. They will also prepare and present assigned assignments in class.

The technique class is offered both in-person and online as well as in a 6-month package with a scene study class. 

The studio offers Technique class audits online through Zoom once a month. 

Scene Study Classes

Scene Study Class 1

This class is a bridge between the technique class and scene classes 2 and 3. Students break down and work on a scene in this 4-week class.

The class focuses on improv, technique, and growth. It’s offered both online and in-person. 

Students can audit this class on Monday and Thursday evenings. 

Scene Study Class 2

This is a more advanced scene study class that focuses on character and technique. Students usually work every week on a scene or monologue.

The class is offered both online and in-person. 

Scene Study Class 3

This class applies the actor’s process consistently and focuses on advanced character study.

It’s the studio’s most advanced class for working actors or students who have worked their way up through scene study classes 1 & 2. 

Students usually work every week using material from film, tv, and theater. This class is given in person, but the studio offers a combined Scene Study 2/3 class online.  

Specialty Classes

In addition to its popular Technique and Scene Study Classes, the studio regularly offers special classes.

These classes include commercial workshops, comedy intensives, dialect, improv, and reading/audition technique.

The studio uses its own teachers as well as outside experts to teach its specialty classes. 

Voice Workshop

This class introduces students to various tools they can use to modify existing accents or to learn a new dialect for a specific role.

The class starts with a solid foundation in a “neutral” American Standard Speech and moves on to other dialects. 

The workshop will be given online via Zoom with lots of actor participation. Printed materials will be emailed to students before the workshop. 

Online Audition Technique Class

Students get to perfect their audition and self-tape skills in this class. 

Improv Class

This class is taught by Jordan Wilson, an experienced improviser with training from Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) and Groundlings. 

Students can find out more details about classes on the studio’s website and signup for a course on their signup page.

You can also email the studio at info@speisersturges.com for more information.


The first audit costs $35 and additional audits cost $50 each. Students can audit one Technique and one Scene Study class.

Check out their audit page to audit a class.


Duration Price
6 wks-36hrs
Technique & S.S
Technique & S.S
Scene Study 1
Scene Study 1 
Scene Study 2 
Scene Study 2 
Scene Study 3
Scene Study 3 
Voice WorkshopN/AN/A$80 (S.M)
$100 (N.S.M)
Online Audition 
Technique Class
Online4wk$325 – N.S
$275 – C.S
ImprovN/AN/A$115 – 4 sess. (S.M)
$35 – 1 sess. (S.M)
$135 – 4 sess. (N.S.M)
$40 – 1 sess. (N.S.M)
Note: S.M = studio member, N.S.M = non studio member, S.S = scene study,
Sess. = session, N.S = new students, C.S = Current Students

4. Stella Adler Academy Of Acting & Theater

About the school

Founded in 1985 by Stella Adler, Joanne Linville, and Irene Gilbert, the Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theater is one of the most prestigious acting schools in Los Angeles.

The academy’s curriculum is based on the Stella Adler Technique which is based on Adler’s private lessons with Stanislavski. 

In addition to teaching Adler was also an accomplished actor with more than 100 performances on stage and a few movie roles as well. 

The school offers professional actor training for actors in theater, film, and tv.

Based on the philosophy that an actor grows when they grow as a human being, the academy also offers arts and cultural events that are open to the public. 

The Stellar Adler Academy has trained some of the most iconic and talented actors of our time including Mark Ruffalo, Salma Hayek, Ben Robson, Elaine Stritch, Harvey Keitel, Adam Dorsey, Warren Beatty, Henry Winkler, Marlon Brando, and Benicio Del Toro. 

Acting Classes

The school offers programs for actors of all levels and students can take full-time, part-time, or individual classes.

The main programs the Stella Adler Academy offers are the 2-Year Program, Intensive Term, and Week Workshops.

The two-year program is a full-time program divided into 6 terms per year and covers 43 classes.

Students can also take the two-year program on a part-time basis or take individual classes. 

Some of the courses included in the program include Adler Technique, Script Analysis, Voice, Movement, Alexander Technique, and Scene Study among others. 

The Week Workshops are 5-day intensives that cover the Adler Technique, On-camera work, and Audition Skills workshop.

Since the school doesn’t offer class audits, one of the best ways to explore the school and the Stella Adler Technique is by taking the week courses. 

The intensive term covers four classes including the Adler Technique, Movement 1, Voice 1, and Improvisation.

It’s an 8-week intensive course that introduces students to the basic principles of the Adler Technique.

The academy’s classes are small and limited to 16 students per class. Auditing is not permitted. 

How to apply

Students interested in joining the Stella Adler Academy should submit an online application. After submitting their application students will then complete an online interview. 

Acceptance will be based on reviews of both the online application and interview. Auditions are not required unless applicants are seeking advanced placement. 

Application Requirements

  • Resume/CV (as a PDF file)
  • Headshot or photo (color/front-facing)
  • Introduction Essay
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Application fee of $45

Additional application requirements for International Students

  • Passport
  • Proof of $30,800 in funds (proving you have the funds to live and study
  • in the US)
  • Letter of support from financial sponsor (if applicable)


Program# Of CoursesPrice
2-year program
2nd year
Intensive Term (8wks)4$3,200
Week Workshops4$750

5. Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio (EMAS)

About the studio 

Founded by Elizabeth Mestnik in 2001, the Elizabeth Mestnik Studio has been ranked by CBS and Backstage as one of the best acting classes in Los Angeles.

It is also the place where institutions like NBC train their talent. 

Based on the foundations of the Meisner Technique, the school focuses on training actors to strengthen their imagination, expand their emotional range, and discover what makes them unique. 

Through its small class sizes (12-18 students/class) and instructors who are working professionals, EMAS has garnered a reputation for producing exciting and spontaneous actors with reliable acting techniques. 

EMAS has trained actors like Lily Holleman, Stephanie Hoston, AJ Jones, Junot Lee, Carolina Monte Rosa, Steve Suh, Alexis Treadwell, and many others. 

Acting Classes

EMAS offers three main acting courses, which are Beginners Acting, Meisner Technique, and Scene Study. 

The studio also offers additional classes like Voice, On-Camera Technique, Shakespeare, and Commercial Acting among others. 

Beginner Acting Class

The beginners acting class is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of acting training and the vocabulary used in the industry.

The class will also briefly cover topics on the business of acting.

This class is great for new actors with no prior training or experience and also for experienced actors who want a refresher on the fundamentals.

The class focuses on building four major acting skillsets;

  • Creative Accessibility
  • Truthful Character Development
  • Script Reading
  • Instrument work

Meisner Technique Class

EMAS teaches the traditional Meisner Program syllabus that was developed by Sanford Meisner and refined by William Esper.

The school offers several Meisner courses such as the Summer Meisner Intensive, 2 Year Meisner Program, and the Meisner Brushup. 

Summer Intensive

The Summer Meisner Intensive introduces students to the fundamentals of the Meisner Technique in a professional environment.

Students learn the step-by-step approach to work truthfully from their impulses and help actors be brave and imaginative in their performances.

The intensive is a one-month course that meets three days a week for three hours. Students need to interview in order to join the program. 

2 Year Program

The Two Year Meisner Program trains actors to develop important skills like listening, emotional availability & working moment through improvisational exercises.

Students will also learn to increase their emotional range and develop their ability to apply their imagination to a scene. 

After completing the first year of the program, only students who get an invitation can continue to the second year.

In the second year, students learn about character work, script analysis, scene study,  & on-camera, and auditioning techniques.

The Meisner Brushup

The Meisner Brushup is an 8-week course offered to those who have completed the Two Year Meisner Training Program.

Offered every summer, the goal of the class is to get students to connect with their impulses and take big emotional risks like you would in advanced Meisner Technique work. 

Scene Study Classes

EMAS offers this 13-week program every fall for trained actors (this is not a beginning class).

The class meets once a week and students are expected to prepare for each class with a minimum of 3 hours of outside rehearsal. 

Each student will work with an acting partner for the duration of the course.

The class size is limited to 12 students to enable students to get individualized attention and plenty of stage time.

In addition to its core courses, EMAS also offers additional acting classes like the Movement Program, Speech For The Actor, Playing Shakespeare, and On-Camera Auditioning. 

How to apply

Students can register for classes on EMAS’s registration page

Students who want to take the scene study class but have not previously studied at EMAS need to audition. Please prepare a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue that showcases your abilities. 

At the audition, Elizabeth will coach and direct you to see if the class is a good fit for you. Students should also submit their headshot and resume to director@emasla.com.


ClassDuration In-person
Acting For Beginners
(Character In Performance)
8 weeks In-person$490
2-Year Meisner Technique
(1st Year Program)

1 year


(1st yr only)
Meisner Technique (Online)6 weeksOnline$690
Scene Study13 weeks In-person$740

Best Audition Acting Schools & Classes in Los Angeles

1. Margie Haber Studios

About the studio 

Created by Margie Haber in 1986, Margie Haber Studios is one of the best acting schools in Los Angeles for auditioning technique and cold reading. 

Haber is known as Holywood’s top auditioning coach. Over the last 4 decades, she was the one actors called when they had auditions and last-minute cold readings.

Haber decided to start teaching acting when she noticed that a lot of actors who were proficient in scene study struggled with auditioning. 

Using her former experience as a speech therapist, Haber developed the Haber Phrasing Method. 

This 10-step instinctual approach to cold reading and auditions has helped thousands of actors to stop memorizing, and use the text organically while still keeping their connection with the other actors. 

Haber has also written the book Get The Part, Without Falling Apart, which has been used in many acting programs at universities and colleges.

She has coached some of the best actors in Hollywood like Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Vince Vaughn, Tiffany Hadish, Kyle Chandler, Tea Leoni, Jennifer Lewis, Randall Park, and many more.

Acting Classes

Margie Haber Studios offers acting classes for actors of all ages and levels of proficiency. All of the studio’s classes are limited to 12 students or less.

Most of the classes are given in a combination of in-person and online sessions. 

The studio does not permit audits, however, it offers a free mini class/orientation (Mondays at 3 pm) for students who want to see how the class works. 

Adult Classes

On-Camera (Beginners)

This class introduces students to the Haber Philosophy, Haber Phrasing Method, and the fundamentals of auditioning.

Students learn how to take risks, trust themselves, and be guided by the relationship rather than the ‘story or character”. 

This class is ideal for actors with no experience as well as directors and producers who want to understand the acting process. 

On Camera (Intermediate)

Here, students learn how to discover and use specifics to create characters and direct their attention on the other person.

The class will use more challenging scripts to explore the audition process more thoroughly and take a deep dive into creating a life. 

This class is for students with some sort of prior acting training or experience whether it is student films, shorts, commercials, or college training.

Both day and evening classes are available.

On-Camera (Advanced)

Students tackle more complex and challenging material while still taking risks and living in the moment in this class.

The class explores the creative and practical challenges of complex auditions while also continuing to explore the Haber Phrasing Method.

This class is for professional working actors with prior training and experience including costars, leads in independents, and professional theater experience.

Each student gets to work in every class and evening and day classes are available. 

On-Camera (Master)

Taught by Margie Haber, this class helps actors use their imagination to create scenes (slices of life) that are not in the script so they can fully own the character.

Students will use specifics to create full characters for auditioning, cold reading, and on-set roles in theater, film, and TV. 

This class is a 3-day weekend intensive that takes actors away from any technical approach and challenges them to instinctually create a specific life.

The class is for professional working actors who usually book guest-star, recurring, series-regular, and feature-film roles. 

Class size is limited to only 8 students. 

On-Camera (Ongoing)

The Ongoing Camera Class trains students to 

  • Do more detailed script breakdowns through which they can create more complex characters
  • Work with multiple scenes and full scripts
  • Prepare for cold reads, call-backs, and shoots

The studio also offers kids classes, two-week intensives, commercial classes, and teen classes.


Class DurationIn-person
Live The Life
(All levels)
Learn at your own pace
(Recorded videos)
Create Character (All levels)Learn at your own pace
(Recorded Videos)
Foundation Intensive6wk-1cls/wk (Day)
3wk-2cls/wk (Night)
In-person & Zoom$450
Intermediate Intensive4wk-2cls/wk (Day)
4wk-2cls/wk (Night)
In-person & Zoom$550
Advanced Intensive4wk-2cls/wk (Day)
4wk-2cls/wk (Night)
In-person & Zoom$650
Ongoing Class4wk – 1 cls/wkN/A$300-Beg.
$300- Mas.
Hollywood Acting Workshop2wk IntensiveIn-person$2,800
Commercial ClassN/AN/A$400
Teen Foundation Intensive12wk-1cls/wk (Day)N/A$900
Teen Ongoing Class4wk-1cls/wk (Day)
4wk-1cls/wk (Night)
4wk-1cls/wk (Night)
In-person & Zoom$300-Beg.
Teen Summer Program12wk – 1cls/wk (Intermediate)In-person$900-12wk
or $300/mth
6-Day Teen Intensive6dys-6hrs/day (Day)N/A$1,500
Kids Summer Camp1 wkN/A$800
Kids (7-9) Foundation12 wkN/A$750
Kids (7-9) 
Advanced Ongoing
4 wk “blocks”N/A$250
Kids (10-13) Foundation12 wkN/A$900
Kids (10-13) OngoingN/AIn-person & Zoom$300
Kids (10-13) Advanced4 wk “blocksN/A$300

2. Doug Warhit On-Camera Acting School 

About the school 

Doug Warhit is an experienced actor, teacher, and director who is recognized for having one of the best on-camera acting classes in Los Angeles.

He has starred in movies like Star Trek: The Next Generation, Beverly Hills Cop, NYPD Blue, and Clueless among others. 

Warhit has been teaching acting and coaching actors for over 20 years. He is also a published actor who has written books like Book The Job, and The Actors Audition Checklist. 

Some of the actors Warhit has trained recently include Colin Koth (The Upshaws), Jessica Flaum (Let’s Scare Julie), Britanny Samson (Murder Manual), Melanie Johnson (Pinch), and Carrie Gibson (The Politician).

Acting Classes

Doug Warhit offers On-Camera Acting classes for beginners and working professionals with a focus on Cold Reading/Audition Skills, Scene Study, and Improvisation.

  The school also teaches Commercial Acting, and technique classes. 

At Doug Warhit, each student works on-camera every week. Students’ works and critiques are recorded so that students can review what they have learned.

Classes are taught using a combination of methods and tools taken from the Meisner, Adler, and Strasberg (Method) techniques. 

Some of the main concepts taught at the school include finding emotional parallels from your own life to personalize the material,

and getting your focus of attention onto the other actor by really listening and thinking the thoughts of the character.

In the audition classes, students learn to develop their acting confidence using a variety of exercises like visualization, reframing, meditation, creating anchors and triggers, and utilizing the power of past successes. 

At the end of every month a casting director, talent agent, or manager will drop in to guest lecture and share their industry experiences with the students.

This helps students experience real-life auditioning scenarios and gain an understanding of how CDS and agents operate. 

They will learn to use the unexpected to make their work even more spontaneous and to take adjustments on the fly.

In the improvisation classes, students will learn several improvisational tools so that their performances are believable and spontaneous.

Whether doing improv on a script or reading the script as is students will learn how to say the words like they are saying them for the very first time. 

Classes are offered in group classes as well as one on one sessions. Students can audit classes for free.

For information on class schedules, prices, and auditing email Doug at dougwarhit@gmail.com


ClassDuration Price
1st Session 
(3 Group Workshops
& 1 Private Session)
4 weeks$225
2nd Session
(4 Group Sessions)
4 weeks$205
Source – Backstage

3. Brian Reise Acting Studio

About the school

Brian Reise Acting Studio teaches actors how to develop their audition and acting skills so they can get agents, book jobs, and have a career in film and television.

Classes are based on the reality of the Film & TV business and focus on 

  • Auditioning skills
  • Scene requirements
  • Camera techniques
  • On set protocol
  • Cold reading
  • Presentation skills
  • Understanding genres of material
  • Taking direction and adjustments
  • Listening and reacting

The founder of the studio, Brian Reise has been in the entertainment industry for over forty years and has been teaching acting for 30 years.

As an actor, Reise is known for Nightmare on Elm Street, Remington Steele, and Hart to Hart. 

Having studied with some of the best acting teachers like Uta Hagen, Lee Strasberg, & Michael Shurtleff, Reiss is a wealth of knowledge and experience.

His acting classes are considered some of the best in providing students with a practical approach to on-set acting techniques, auditioning, and protocol. 

The studio also has other instructors who are currently working professionals like Matt Ferrucci, John Burke, and Rod Maxwell. 

Some of the students the studio has trained include Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), Tony Goldwyn (Scandal), Retta (Good Girls), Tiffany Haddish (The Last O.G), Lamonica Garrett (Designator Survivor), and many others. 

How to apply

The school hosts a 30-minute informative orientation for aspiring applicants.

The orientation is a casual group gathering that provides students to meet the teachers, see the studio space and get all their questions answered. 

No auditions are required and beginners, as well as working actors, are welcome to attend. For further information, contact the studio at 323 – 969 – 8989


Class Price
Day Class$230 + $115 (Deposit)
Night Class$230 + $115 (Deposit)
Elizabeth’s Class 
(Beginner & Intermediate)
$190 + $95 (Deposit

4. Lesly Kahn And Co.

About the school 

The Lesly Kahn Studio helps students determine what’s missing from their acting and provides them with the training to become technically sound and well-rounded actors. 

The founder of the studio Leslie Kahn got her MFA from the Yale School of Drama and performed in some regional theater and tv before she became an acting teacher.

Leslie has been teaching acting in Los Angeles since 1993.

The Leslie Kahn studio teaches a practical and comprehensive way of reading a script or text while also providing real-world career guidance and actionable feedback.

The classes are designed to enhance the raw talent and previous training (if any) of the students. 

Whether you are trying to nail your next performance, preparing for an audition, or shooting a last-minute rewrite, the studio can help you achieve your goals.

Students learn how to quickly interpret a writer’s words and express them as their own, get and nail auditions, and understand the business side of acting.

Actors who have trained at the Lesly Kahn Studio include Sosie Bacon (13 Reasons Why), Michael Hyatt (Snowfall), Sally Pressman (Younger), Alex Quijani (Designated Survivor), Nick Cardiff (Good Girls Revolt), and many others. 

Acting Classes

With the exception of a few classes most of the classes at the Lesly Khan Studio are currently offered online through Zoom. 

Intro Work Session

This is a unique class for actors not familiar with the Leslie Khan Studio. In this one session class actors get to see Lesly’s approach to text analysis.

Students will be listening and observing as well as working one on one. 

The objective of the class is to see if the Leslie Khan Studio and approach is for you and get valuable feedback and class recommendations from the instructors.

Students have the option to take group classes (5-10 students) or private sessions.

The group classes are about 1.5hrs – 3hrs long while the private classes are about 25 minutes long.

Comedy Intensive

The Comedy Intensive covers a wide array of subjects like scene work for single and multi-camera, audition technique, the business of acting, and many more.

Students learn basic acting fundamentals and text analysis by using comedy scripts and text. 

The class requires students to work in every class and do 3 hours of rehearsal everyday outside of class including weekends.

Each class is two to 6 hours long depending on the day. 

Acting Essentials

The Acting Essentials class is designed specifically for actors with little or no training.

The class starts by exploring the different acting techniques including Stanislavski, Strasberg, Adler, Meisner, and others.

After that students will learn some of the concepts and skills covered in the Comedy Intensive course. Each class is generally around 4 hours or longer.  

Technique Clinic

The Technique class explores the different genres of drama and also delves into more comedy. Students get to further develop the skills they learned in the Comedy Intensive.

Students are expected to work in every class and rehearse as much as possible. The class is offered both online and in-person. 

Ongoing Classes

Ongoing classes cover every aspect of the actor’s career including audition technique, cold reading, working on set, marketing yourself, and creating your own content. 

Using currently casting film and tv material, the objective of the class is to produce actors who are able to tackle any audition or role even with little time to prep.

Students will do two or three auditions each month with at least one self-tape audition. 

Teen Acting Classes

This program is for teens who want to learn the basics of acting for TV and Film with a focus on auditioning.

The program is offered in 4 different classes including Phases 1-3 and Ongoing Teen Acting classes.

Phase 1 introduces students to the basics of acting and covers topics like breaking down and interpreting the text, how to prepare an audition side/script, and the basics of acting on set among others. 

Phase 2 takes a deep dive into the topics and skillsets covered in Phase 1.

Students will learn about acting on single-camera comedy and cover topics like ‘reversal’ and ‘building a list”.

In Phase 3 students get to primarily work on different scripts each week from classic TV & Film scenes or maybe even theater and sketch comedy.

Working actors that have an audition can work on their sides instead. 

The ongoing classes give students to keep practicing and sharpening the skills they developed in phases 1-3. 

The studio also offers one on one coaching/tutorials and workshops


ClassDuration Price
Intro Work Session
Group Session (Lesly)
Group Class (Faculty)
Private Session (Leslie)
Private Session (Faculty)

3 hrs
1.5 hrs
25 min
25 min

Comedy Intensive
Comedy Intensive (Lesly)
Comedy Intensive (Grant)
2wks – 4 classes
Acting Essentials6wks – 8 classes$895
Technique Clinic4wks – 4 classes$395
Ongoing Classes
More or Less Pilot
Ongoing Class

4wks – 40 classes
4wks – 8 – 12 classes

$125 (Audit-$70)
$355 – $440
Teen Acting Classes
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Ongoing Teen Workshop

4wks – 4 classes
4wks – 4 classes
4wks – 4 classes

Firearms Training
Booking Commercials
The Writers’ Room

3 hrs
2 days – 2 classes
6 days – 6 classes


5. Robert D’Avanzo Studio

About the school 

Best known for the 6 Week On-Camera Audition Class, the Robert D’Avanzo studio has helped numerous actors become consistently working actors.

The studio was created by Robert D’Avanzo, who was a prolific actor and director before going into teaching. 

Robert has worked with some of the greatest people in theater and film including Edward Albee, Charles Nelson Reilly, Bill Homewood, and Roy London.

He has also trained with master teachers like Uta Hagen, Herbert Berghof, and Jose Quintero. 

Based on the teachings of Uta Hagen, the studio offers some of the best audition and scene study classes in Los Angeles.

The studio demystifies the audition process for students and trains them to break down scripts and sides and prepare for auditions effectively. 

Actors who have trained at the Robert D’Avanzo studio are Jenna Fischer (The Office), Kee Chan (Flat Liners), Amanda Aday (My Name Is Earl), James Smith (Judging Amy), John Sloman (Mad Men), and Paul Scheer (30 Rock) among many others. 

Acting Classes

Scene Study by Robert D’Avanso is an invite-only class for professional actors. Class sizes are small and intimate with only 16 students per class.

Classes are offered on a monthly open enrollment basis. 

D’Avanso’s scene study class is currently on wait-list status.

The studio also offers other Scene Study classes by Charles Orme, Ryan Mulkay, and Jake Elitzer. These classes are also limited to 16 students per class. 

Students have to audition for the studio before they can take any classes at the studio. All classes at the studio are given in-person. 

The studio gives a Business Of Acting class that is taught by Christy St. John.

This 2-day class which is given over a period of 2 weeks teaches students how to book jobs and make money as an actor in today’s digital age.

Classes are limited to 8 students. 

Another class offered by the studio is the Commercial Intensive with Josh Callahan and David Magidoff. There are only 8 students per class. 

The 6 Week On-Camera Audition Class is a class the studio offers for experienced actors. This highly sought-after class usually has a 40-month waitlist.

Students can reserve a seat for this class by calling
(818) 508 – 0723.

Lastly, the studio offers an Ongoing On-Camera Class taught by Robert D’Avanzo. This is an invitation-only class for students who have already completed the 6 Week On-Camera Audition class. 


Class Price
Scene Study$275
6 Week On-Camera Audition$525
Business Of The Business$225
Commercial Intensive$350
Ongoing On-Camera Class$225

Best Commercial Acting Schools in Los Angeles

1. Hey, I Saw Your Commercial

About the school

Created by acting coach Mike Pointer, Hey I Saw Your Commercial is one of the best commercial acting courses in Los Angeles.

A former sales agent, Mike moved to Hollywood in 1993 to pursue a commercial acting career. 

After joining a top commercial agency he booked close to 100 commercials over a period of 7 years.

In 2000 Mike started teaching commercial acting and has now taught thousands of students for over 2 decades. 

One of Mike’s approaches in his course is teaching actors to treat commercials as the best way to build an acting career.

Instead of spending years doing extra work and low-paying jobs, actors can start getting paid for their commercials and become SAG/AFTRA eligible without breaking the bank. 

Mike offers support for his students outside of class and also offers payment plans. 

Some of the actors that have taken Mike’s course are Simone Missick, Hedy Wong, Lacasa Godboldo, James Troup, Gilmore Gabriel, and Denise Savage. 

Acting Classes

Free Commercial Acting Class/Audit

This is a one-day class where students get to see if this class is for them before making a financial commitment.

The class introduces students to the topics, strategies, and approaches Coach Mike uses to help thousands of actors build a successful career in TV commercials. 

Topics Covered

  • Commercial script/copy cold reading exercise on camera
  • One-on-one improv (personality interview) exercise
  • 3 powerful techniques to get more auditions on casting websites
  • How to sign with a top 50 Commercial Agent
  • Feedback from Top Commercial CDs on what they expect in an actor’s performance on camera

Level 1 Zoom On-Camera

This is a 4-week course that covers topics like On-Camera Cold Reading, Audition Skills, Improv, and Business Mastery System.

Here’s a brief overview of the topic covered in the class. 

  • Mastering cold reads with cue cards and copy in hand for agent meetings and auditions
  • Script Analysis for the three types of commercial copy
  • Creating original dialogue instantly on-demand
  • Learning about what producers look for in call-back sessions
  • How to professionally prepare headshots, resumes, cover letters, etc…
  • Using casting websites and services to book auditions without an agent
  • Preparing for a meeting with a talent agent

Level 2 Commercial Improv Mastery Course

This is an advanced class that trains students in more advanced auditioning skills for commercial copy through weekly exercises.

Over the course of 4 weeks, students will work on 17-20 commercial improv exercises including reaction shots (face language exercise).

This class is beneficial to actors who are getting auditions and callbacks but are not booking jobs. 


Class Duration Price
Level 1 Zoom On-Camera4 weeks (1 class/week)$210
Level 2 Commercial Improv4 weeks (1 class/week)$210

2. Killian’s Acting Workshop

About the school 

Killians’ Acting Workshop is one of the most recommended commercial acting classes in Los Angeles. Created by Killian McHugh in 2005, the workshop trains actors of all levels. 

Killian has spent most of his life working in commercial acting and has worked as a lobby person, actor, session director, and casting director.

During his time as a casting director (CD), Killian noticed that there was a lot of misconception about what CDs were looking for and what actors thought CDs were looking for. 

Since launching the workshop has helped thousands of actors book commercials. The course primarily trains students to navigate auditions and book commercial jobs.

More than 30 percent of the students who take Killian’s Workshop book commercials within a month, which is a testament to the effectiveness of the class.

The Workshop offers classes online through Zoom as well as prerecorded classes that students can purchase from the website.

Acting Classes

Adult Commercial Workshop On Zoom

In this class, students get to work on and fine-tune the self-tape audition process. In addition to Killian, the class will also be taught by working actors Jaret Sacrey and Jacob Ortuno. 

The class offers the most up-to-date information as well as some of the most challenging commercial classes in Los Angeles.

Some of the major CDs in LA will drop in to give students advice and feedback on their audition skills. 

Classes are usually 2- 3 hours long. This class is available for both beginners and experienced actors.

Each student’s last taped audition in class will be sent to their agents or as a showcase if they are non-repped. 

Commercial Improv On Zoom

In the commercial world, almost all commercials with dialogues demand some form of improvisation.

In this class, Killian works together with an improv teacher to teach students improv skills and techniques for commercials. 

Each class session starts with the basic rules of improv for the first half of the class and finishes with a commercial audition in the second half.

Class sizes are limited and classes last between 2-3 hours. 

Actor’s Gym

Auditioning is very similar to a sports competition. You can’t master the skills if you only get to do it every month or so.

The actor’s gym gives students the opportunity to practice and sharpen their auditioning skills twice a week for four weeks. 

Callback Workshop

Created at the request of agents and CDs, the Call Back Workshop is a totally unique workshop in Los Angeles.

The class covers a different aspect of the call-back scenario every week and helps actors master the call-back room. 

Around 30% of the actors that take the class, book within a month of taking the course.

The class is great for experienced actors who are in a slump as well as actors who consistently get callbacks but don’t book as many jobs. 

The class ends with a Q&A session with an industry expert.

Hosting/Branding Workshop

The Hosting/Branding Workshop covers everything from infomercials to red carpet interviews.

The class is taught by TV Host/Spokesperson Shannon O’Dowd who has worked as a camera host and coach for over 10 years. 

The class also offers teleprompter training and career coaching as well as a class session with a top LA hosting agent.


Adult Commercial Workshop4 wks$300
Commercial Improv4 wksN/A
Actor’s Gym4 wks
(2 cls/wk)
(monthly subscription)
Callback Workshop4 wks$325
Hosting/Branding Workshop6 wks
(1 day/wk)

3. Carolyn Barry Acting Academy

About the school

Carolyn Barry Acting Academy is another highly recommended commercial acting class in Los Angeles.

One of the reasons the academy is highly regarded is because of the wealth of knowledge and experience Carolyn brought from her decades of years as a commercial casting director. 

Before that she starred in over 400 commercials during her days as an actor.

Even though Carolyn is no longer with us, the legacy of the school continues under the leadership of Kimberly Jurgen (a veteran commercial actor and casting director). 

The school offers students Scene Study, Hosting, and Career Strategy classes as well as the Commercial Audition Classes for which it’s known.

The school offers classes for actors of all levels. 

CBAA classes and teaching approach are based on the Meisner Technique.

Students usually see a real transformation from the classes at CBAA because they are constantly working on camera from two to four times every class. 

Acting Classes 

Commercial 1

The Commercial 1 course teaches students on what to do and expect at each stage of a commercial audition.

Students will work on the five types of auditions for non-speaking principle roles before moving on to working on speaking roles. 

The class teaches students how to create a truthful and creative story without looking like they’re trying too hard.

Every week students will work at their own pace on one of six training modules which include a self-tape assignment. 

In the group sessions, the week’s training will be reviewed and students get feedback on their self-tapes. This is followed by coaching where students apply the feedback they got.

The course ends with a mock audition which prepares students for a real-life audition with a CD. 

Commercial 2

This class introduces students to more advanced skills for life, virtual and self-taped auditions.

Students work on one and two-person scenes, handling products and props, improv, interviews, and self-tapes. 

The class also includes discussion and analysis of the advertising scene and prepares students for the constantly evolving world of commercials. 

Commercial 3

Here, students will self-tape commercial copy each week in order to internalize and develop the techniques taught by Carolyne.

In the live group sessions, students will get feedback and coaching on their copy. 

The class also trains students on cold readings so they can build the confidence to tackle any commercial copy.

Students will also get 2 half-hour one on one coaching lessons where they can ask technique questions, get feedback on their casting profiles, get help with their commercial brand, and much more. 

Commercial Improv

The Commercial Improv class helps students be instantly creative at auditions, callbacks, and on-set. Students develop their ability to respond, react, and make creative job booking choices.

This 4-week course also trains students on self-taping and cold-reading with improv scripts. The class is limited to 6 students. 

Business Of Commercials

This one-night class helps students understand their commercial type and what they need to do to land commercial auditions.

Students will learn how to

  • Write commercial pitches, 
  • Prepare their headshots and resume
  • Find a commercial agent
  • Handle contracts

Commercial Workout

The Commercial Workout is an ongoing class designed to give students who have completed the CBAA Commercial class a challenging workout to keep their skills sharp.

Students work 2-3 times on-camera every night and practice different types of commercial auditions. 

The class is 4 weeks long and limited to 12 students per class. Students can record their sessions on personal flash drives for further review or to track their progress.

Actor’s Media Makeover

This 6-week course helps actors create headshots, resumes, and demo reels that will get them auditions.

Like the other courses offered at Carolyne Barry, this course has training modules for students to work at their own pace and group and private zoom sessions for coaching and feedback. 

Some of the main takeaways of the class include

  • a clear understanding of your commercial and theatrical brands
  • pitches to use at agent meetings and in your marketing
  • resumes and casting site profiles that highlight your unique abilities
  • a detailed plan to ensure your next photo shoot is your most successful yet
  • demo reel strategies to highlight your unique acting abilities
  • at least one new sample clip to show agents and casting directors exactly what you are capable of

In addition to the above classes, CBAA also offers one of the most comprehensive hosting programs in Los Angeles.

This program is great for actors who want additional sources of revenue or for those who want to be full-time hosts. 

The program helps students master specialized skills like broadcasting, news, sports-casting, and teleprompter reading.

The program also provides career development classes where students can work on headshots, marketing, agent reach-outs, websites, and reels. 


Class DurationPrice
Commercial 17 weeks$597
Auditioning 2
6 weeks$427 
Auditioning 3
6 weeks$437
Business Of
1 night$50 – Returning students
$100 – New students
Commercial Workout6 weeks$300
Scene Study
(Creating Characters)
4 weeks$60 – Single class
$200 – 4 consecutive classes
Hosting 16 weeks$450
Hosting 25 weeks$450
Hosting Tune-up4 weeks$225
Career Intensive3 days (Weekend)$575
Actor’s Media Makeover6 weeks$488

4. The Commercial Class

About the school

The commercial class is the result of two of the biggest casting offices in Los Angeles coming together to teach the industry knowledge and experience of their casting directors to students. 

Veteran casting directors from Ashley Horne Casting (AHC) and Ross Lacy Casting (RLC) teach the classes offered in the commercial program. 

Students get the unique opportunity to learn not only fundamentals and techniques but also real-life information about both casting directors and clients. 

Acting Classes

Intro To Commercial Technique

This class teaches students the fundamentals of auditioning for commercials. The class is open to actors with and without representation and classes are limited to 14 students.

The final day of the class is a Q&A session with CDs Ross and Alyson. 

Advanced Commercial Technique

The Advanced Commercial class focuses on some of the most challenging types of commercial auditions.

The instructors will choose a commercial copy/text specifically for each student based on their type.  

In addition to audition techniques, students will also learn how to market themselves.

Only actors who have commercial representation or non-repped actors who have completed the Intro class can join this course.

The class is limited to 14 students. 


Intro To Commercial 
Audition Technique
5 weeksIn-person$325
Advanced Commercial 
Audition Technique
5 weeksIn-person$350

5. Keep It Real Acting Studios

About the school

A frequent winner of the Backstage Reader’s Choice, Keep It Real Acting Studios is one of the most sought-after acting schools in Los Angeles.

The studio was founded by Judy Kain, a veteran actor who has performed in over 400 commercials as well as 110 film and tv productions. 

She is well known for her role as Olive Healey in Mad Men for which she won a SAG award.

In the commercial world, Judy has won over 50 Cleo awards for her commercials and appeared in two acclaimed Superbowl ads in 2013. 

The school is especially known for its commercial acting classes which are regarded as one of the best in L.A.

In addition to commercial classes Keep It Real offers Theatrical, Improv, Branding & Headshots, and Youth classes.

The school’s approach to acting is based on building trust, confidence, and making good acting choices. 

Just like its name, Keep It Real Studios helps actors to find themselves and bring their personality to the audition or role.

Another fundamental principle the school emphasizes in its commercial classes is the importance of identifying your brand and bringing it to all your auditions and roles. 

Some of the students who trained at the Keep It Real studio are Noel Calcaterra (Mcdonald’s), Josh Cheyney (Cooking Channel Promo), Andi Wagner (Campaign for Unicef), Eric Satterberg (Walmart), Autumn Horn (Disney Promo), Cindy Varon (Lowe’s), and many others

Acting Classes

Adult Commercial

The Adult Commercial Program includes the following classes

  • A-Z Commercial Technique
  • Master The Virtual Commercial Audition 
  • Ace The Audition
  • Advanced Commercial Zoom Callback
  • Not Just A Pretty Face

Some of the main topics/skill sets covered in the adult commercial classes are

  • The different spots/styles of commercials including Interview, MOS, Scene Work, & Testimonials
  • Personal Branding with industry expert Tom Burke
  • Making unique choices with the copy
  • Selftape setup
  • Zoom Auditions (Do’s and Don’ts)
  • Developing working relationships with casting 

The studio also offers theatrical, improv, and youth classes.


Commercial Classes

Class Duration Price
A-Z Commercial
6 weeks –
1 class/week
Master The Virtual
Commercial Audition
4 weeks –
1 class/week
Ace The Audition2 weeks –
1 class/week
Advanced Commercial 
Zoom Callback
4 weeks –
1 class/week
Commercial Improv
4 weeks –
1 day/week
Youth Commercial
4 weeks –
1 day/week
Not Just A Pretty Face1 day$85

Theatrical Classes

Class DurationPrice
Booking The Theatrical
4 weeks –
1 class/week
Advanced Meisner 
Scene Study
4 weeks –
1 class/week

Should You Go to Acting School?

Acting school is a great way to get into the industry, but it can also be a difficult choice.

The decision to go or not is often based on your personal goals and the type of acting that you want to pursue.

Many people consider acting school as an investment in their future as an actor.

Pros Of Acting School

  • It provides students with opportunities to audition for film, TV, theater and commercials.
  • Acting schools put on showcases to help students get noticed and promote themselves.
  • Acting school provides a nurturing environment where students can learn about their craft and improve their skills.
  • Students have access to some of the best resources in the industry and have a supportive community that will help them grow as an actor.

Cons Of Acting School

  • There are many schools out there with varying levels of quality, so it is difficult to determine which one is going to be best for you.
  • If you are not sure what direction your career should take, then it may be best to wait until your career has taken shape before enrolling in an acting school.
  • Acting schools are expensive.

How to choose the right Acting School?

Different colleges will suit different people, but there should be some common factors that you should consider before enrolling yourself in any school or college.

  • Determine whether or not certain schools have been accredited. 
  • Make sure the curriculum is best suited for your aspirations. 
  • See if you can relate to the credentials, resumes, and specialties of teachers and other faculty members, that can inspire you in choosing the right College.

How do I book an audition in Los Angeles?

You are now about to embark on the journey of your acting life. One step at a time, you are going to be booking auditions.

Let’s go over the first steps.

First, you need a great headshot. Here is a list of some of the best headshot photographers in Los Angeles.

Second, you need an acting résumé that shows your range, and make sure you know how to make it work for you.

Third, you need a demo reel that shows off your best work. Here are some tips you can follow to get your demo reel noticed.

These three things are essential to booking auditions in Los Angeles.


Choosing the best acting school in Los Angeles requires research and consideration. 

If you’re looking to explore your passion for acting, there are a number of schools available for you to choose from.

In addition to opportunities, connections, and support systems of like-minded individuals, the right school can provide you with the skills and training necessary to make it as an actor.

Let us know which College you’re planning on joining and why in the comments below…

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