Headshot photographers in LA – 17 respected photographers you should know

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A headshot is typically used by actors and models to staple their resumes for auditions and casting calls.

In this blog post, you will find 17 of the best headshot photographers in LA, you will learn how to best prepare for your session and how much headshots cost.

What Makes an Awesome Headshot?

Headshots are a crucial part of the entertainment industry. They are used for auditions, headshot sessions, and other events.

The best headshots are those that represent the actor in a natural way. The actor should look like themselves and not some other person they want to be.

The best headshots are the ones that show a person’s personality and express their style.

How to choose the perfect headshot

● A great headshot will look like you on your best day.

● The eyes should be engaging and tell a story. You should be drawn to the image.

The photo should be a high-quality image with great lighting and perfect color.

Retouching should look natural.

The image should “pop” and not look “flat”.

● The background should not be distracting.

Preparing For Your Headshot Session In Los Angeles? Here’s What’s Expected Of You:

Prior to the session, try on outfits to check for fit, stains, and color.

Have clothes ironed and on hangers.

Consult with your photographer about your expectations.

● Get a good night’s sleep and don’t eat anything heavy the night before.

When you wake up, be happy, today is going to be a fun day and you want to show that positive energy in your images.

Eat something healthy for breakfast, lunch so you won’t be bloated in your pictures.

Don’t get a new haircut just before the shoot.

● Do not try/use any new product on your hair, face or body the day before or few days before your shoot.

17 Respected Headshot photographers in Los Angeles

How much do headshots cost in Los Angeles?

$180-$240 or $75 on the low end.


The right photographer will make you feel comfortable and will use their experience to bring out the best in you.

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