12 Best Acting Agencies for Kids

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When it comes to child actors, there is a lot of competition.

It is hard to find the right acting agency especially when you are looking for an agency that can provide you with the best acting opportunities and training for your kid.

That’s why we have picked out the top 10 acting agencies that offer child actors and their parents a safe and secure environment to explore their talents.

The acting agencies listed below will provide children with the opportunities to learn about acting, work in front of the camera, be a part of the entertainment industry and make a living from it.

It’s a great way for your kids to get their foot in the door and jump-start their careers.

What does an acting Agent do?

An acting agent is someone who helps actors, actresses, and other people in the entertainment industry find appropriate roles as well as get cast in those roles.

They also help producers by finding the right actors for their productions.

How Much Do Acting Agencies Cost?


It is important for child actors to find an agent who can help them get auditions and future work.

There are many agencies that specialize in this field. It is also important to find an agent who has experience in the industry and knows what they are doing.

An agent is a person who manages the career of a child actor, finding them auditions and future work opportunities.

A good agent will have connections with casting directors, other agents, and producers. .

Some of the benefits of hiring an agent include:

  • Access to more casting calls than you could ever do on your own
  • Access to more agents than you would be able to contact on your own
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Knowing who to ask when you need something

While the internet has made it easier for people to find talent and get discovered, there are still many barriers that may prevent a child actor from getting the representation they need.

In order to be represented by an agent, you need to have several things in place – like a good headshot and an attractive resume.

It is important that you start looking for an agent as soon as possible so that you can start building your baby’s career.

If you choose the right agent, they can be an ally in your difficult but exciting journey.

What Do Agents Look for in child actors?

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Agents are the first people who come into contact with prospective child actors.

They help them get their foot in the door and provide them with opportunities to work in the industry.

So, what do agents look for when choosing a child actor?

The answer is everything.

  • A good agent will take a step back and evaluate what type of career path a child actor wants to pursue.
  • They will also look at how much time they can commit to an audition or part-time job, as well as their acting experience and skillset.
  • Character: Agents look for kids who are ambitious and confident. 
  • Charisma: Charisma is a way of being that draws other people to you and makes them want to be around you. Charismatic people are often good storytellers, with an engaging manner when speaking and explaining.  
  • Stage Presence is the ability to connect with your audience in a way that makes them want to watch you and listen to you.
  • Creativity and Imagination 
  • Memorization: You should do memorization exercises with your kids. That way your kid has a skillset not only for the acting industry but for life.
  • They also want children who are not afraid of being on camera or performing in front of people.

Top 12 Acting Agencies for Kids

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1. Bubblegum casting 

Founded in1981.

Bubblegum casting provides a variety of services to help your child find their talent and build an exciting career in modeling, fashion or acting.

Their casting call will open doors for your kids to become the next big stars in the entertainment industry.

They have established relationships with casting directors, agents, and photographers that can help your child get noticed and start working in no time.

They provide acting lessons, training, advice, TV and film auditions, and more to help your child have the best chance of finding their dream job.

So take the next step by applying to join the Bubblegum family and turn your child’s dreams into reality.

2. Abrams Artists Agency

With more than 40 years of experience, Abrams Artists Agency has the ability to offer our clients the best in both entertainment and media representation.

Their agency is focused on building, growing and protecting your brand.

3. Paradigm

Paradigm Talent Agency is a global talent and content representation agency.

They represent a diverse roster of artists & content creators in the fields of television, live music, motion pictures, theatre, comedy and voiceover.

4. CESD Talent Agency

CESD Talent Agency is a commercial, voice-over, print, digital influencer, theatrical/TV-film and young performer talent agency with a dominant force in the industry.

They represent some of the most talented and accomplished people in the business.

CESD Talent Agency is based in New York City with offices in Los Angeles and London.

They offer performers complete representation for on-camera and voice-over commercials, digital, print/fashion, beauty, dance, animation and gaming, hosting, puppeteers, promos/trailers/narration, and television and radio affiliate marketing.

5. DDO Kids

Founded in 1969.

DDO kids agency focuses on representing the youth of Hollywood.

They have offices in Los Angeles and New York City providing artists representation across the country for Commercial, TV, Film, Voice-Over , Print, Theater, Hosting, and Sports & Specialty.

DDO kids provide adults and children with opportunities to grow and develop through training and other means.

6. LA Talent

L.A. TALENT Inc. is a talent agency representing Adults and Children in the areas of On-Camera Commercials and as of 2018, Film, Television and Theatre.

7. Zuri Model and Talent

Zuri is the place where you can find the most talented models and talent available.

They have a wide range of models, talent, and photographers who are ready to work with your kid.

Zuris talent is globally recognized in :

  • Films
  • Television shows
  • Theatrical productions
  • Commercials
  • and print advertisements.

What makes zuri unique is that each of these divisions is operated by a powerhouse of agents who specialize in nurturing and securing opportunities for their signed clients.

8. Osbrink Agency

Osbrink is a boutique agency with a global reach.

Their diverse range of services include: casting, production, location scouting, development, and post-production.

They host 4 departments:

  • Theatrical
  • Commercial  
  • Print    
  • Voiceover

9.Take 3 Talent Agency

Is the leading diversified talent agency in New York City with a major presence in Los Angeles.

They represent children, teens, and adults for:

  • TV
  • Film
  • Theater
  • Commercial
  • Voice-over
  • Print
  • Hosting
  • and comedy

10.  Paloma Model and Talent

Family-owned and operated by sisters and mothers Paloma Jackson and Alysa Brennan.

Provide you and your kid with dedicated, responsive, considerate, experienced, and protective assistance in the entertainment industry.

Represent your child:

  • Commercially
  • Theatrically
  • and in print

11. William Morris Endeavor

Formed in 1898.

William Morris Agency is the longest-running talent agency.

They open doors for clients and partners with global access and insights into every facet of entertainment and sports.

12. United Talent Agency

United Talent Agency is a one-stop shop for all your talent and entertainment needs.

They help the world’s most inspiring people to make the world a more inspiring place.

At the heart of UTA is a culture of entrepreneurship.

Its also a home to a diverse roster of some of the world’s premier musical talent, from emerging acts to superstars.


To help your child get the most out of their audition, you and your kid should be prepared for the process.

With the help of these tips, your child can be more confident and have more success during their audition;

  1. Know your lines,
  2. Play some acting games,
  3. Don’t put make-up on your kid on audition day,
  4. You don’t need professional headshots to get your kid started, take the photo yourself.
  5. When going to an audition, or taking a headshot of your kid, avoid accessories like, sunglasses, hats, bracelets, etc… you need to keep the attention on your kid’s face.
  6. and have fun!


It is important for child actors to find an agent who can help them get auditions and future work.

A good agent will have connections with casting directors, other agents, and producers.

So you should start looking for an agent as soon as possible so that you can start building your baby’s career.

Leave a comment with your opinion or any questions you may have below…



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