How to Make Yourself Cry

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In this article, we will talk about the most common ways to make yourself cry and how to prepare for a scene that requires crying. If you want to cry, but don’t know-how, this is the article for you.

What is Crying?

Crying is a natural human response to sadness.

It can be triggered by any number of things, from seeing a sad movie to losing a loved one.

We cry when we are overwhelmed with emotion and when we need to release some of the tension that has been built up.

It is an involuntary reflex that releases chemicals in the body that help us calm down and feel better.

Crying can also signal other emotions like fear, anger, or happiness.

Actors are trained to simulate crying on stage or on-screen because it is not always easy to produce tears.

Actors use a variety of techniques to create the feeling of sadness, such as recalling a sad event from their own life or imagining an unpleasant future event.

What Causes Us to Cry?

We can cry for many reasons such as sadness and pain.

The tears that are released when we cry are called lachrymal tears and they contain an enzyme called lysozyme which helps fight off bacterial infections and viruses in the eye.

We can also cry because we are sad or in pain.

When we cry, our bodies release a hormone called prolactin.

Prolactin is a hormone that is released in response to stress, fear, or pain. It also helps with the recovery process after traumatic events.

What are the benefits of crying?

  • Detoxifies the body
  • Encourages self-calm
  • Improves state of mind
  • Rallies uphold
  • Causes you recuperate from anguish
  • Reestablishes passionate equilibrium
  • Assists child with relaxing

How to Make Yourself Cry Easily and Quickly!

The most important thing to do is to find the character’s emotional state and then channel that into your own. Also, Stay hydrated,

If you are playing a character who has lost a loved one, for example, you need to focus on the feeling of being alone.

Or if you are playing a character who is about to commit suicide, you need to focus on the feeling of hopelessness.

“Emotional state” is a key concept in the technique. The player’s emotional response to the character’s situation will influence their own feelings while they are playing, and this, in turn, influences how they play the game.

  • Recall sad moments in your life – Write down what you are feeling in the present moment, and how it makes you feel.
  • Open your eyes without blinking for a minute or so
  • Use eyedrops- you’ll have tears instantly
  • And finaly PRACTICE, Professional actors can cry without a moment’s notice and you can get to this point if you just practice.

Sad Songs That Make You Cry Like a Baby Every Time

  • Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi
  • Nobody – Mitski
  • Dancing On My Own – Robyn
  • Lose You To Love Me – Selena Gomez
  • Let Her Go – Passenger
  • What Hurts the Most – Rascal Flatts
  • When I Was Your Man – Bruno Mars
  • I’m Not The Only One – Sam Smith

Movies that will make you cry

  • Forrest Gump(1994)
  • Blue Valentine(2010)
  • Call Me By Your Name(2017)
  • The Hours (2002)
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire(2019)
  • My Sister’s Keeper (2009)
  • P.S. I Love You (2007)
  • The Spectacular Now (2013)


In this blog post, we have discussed how actors are often required to cry on stage or in front of the camera.

The article provides some tips for actors who want to make themselves cry, such as using their imagination, using memories of past experiences, or thinking about things that are sad or emotional.

This is a technical skill that actors have to learn and master.

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