22 L.A. Modeling Agencies You Should Have on Your Radar

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The modeling industry in Los Angeles is booming.

Some agencies are for children, some are for adults, and some are for both.

The modeling agencies in LA provide a variety of services for their models, including representation, casting, and talent management.

How to get noticed by Modeling Agencies

LA Modeling scouts are looking for talent at every corner. But how do you get their attention?

You can go to the scout’s office and wait for them to come out. Or you can send them a message on social media or email.

To get noticed by a Modeling scout, it is important that you have a portfolio of your work available on social media or in your email.

Scouts will be able to see your previous work and judge if they want to meet up with you.

Top model agencies in Los Angeles (LA)

1. LA Models

2. Next Management

3.Cocaine Models

4. Elite

5. Wilhelmina

6. Ford Models

7. Bella Agency

8. Q Models

9. LA Models

10. Two Management

11. MSA Models

12. Nous Model Management

13. HMM Hollywood Model Management

14. Photo/Genetics

15. Vision

16. Aston Models

17. M Model Management

18. DT Model Management


20. Modeling Agencies USA

21. Genetic Models Management

22. Otto Models

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