Ohio – Monologue (Zach)

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A monologue from the play by Nick Zagone

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I knew this professor in college, a physicist and he said there are these things called “wormholes in time.”

Holes that can theoretically transport people to their other realities. Ya see, somewhere in another reality we have made the other decisions… the choices we didn’t make!

In another reality this man is a billionaire… you are not married to your husband… and I’m living in Ohio!

The other possibility lives on with every decision we make. In other realities, we are on those paths not taken in our lives.

When you think about what you could be doing, you are doing it! Right now! Right now, we can continue in this reality or start a new one based on this decision!

And if we start a new reality, don’t feel bad because you will always be married to your husband in another one.

It’s so easy to change– just change your mind. Somewhere I’m a bum and this man is giving me a quarter.

Somewhere right now you are at home in bed with your husband and I’m drinking myself to sleep in front of the TV.

We have created a whole new reality here Cat! We decided… just to talk to each other, but in the process,

we have created for ourselves a whole new life—possibly. [Holds up KENO ticket.] We’re at a wormhole, Catherine.

Would you like to jump in with me?

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