DÉNOUEMENT – Monologue (Woman)

A monologue by John Weaver

NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from In American. John Weaver. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1921.


So now I get the dirty throwdown, huh?
What do I mean? Yeh, that’s a good one, ain’t it?
How do you get that way? You think I’m blind?
I seen you with that girl the other night!

Aw, Frank, how could ya ever come to do it?
I ain’t changed, am I? Ain’t I just as swell?
Don’t my eyes shine the same way, just for you?
Don’t you remember out to old San Soozy
We won long-distance prizes, dancin’ together?
You says, “You keep the prize; what’s mine is yourn,
And vicey versy.” Yes, and don’t you remember
When you–when you first kissed me in Jim’s Ford,
And all them lovely things you says to me,
And me believin’ ’em, because I loved you? …

I should of knew, I should of knew, I should of!
Men is the same, kiddin’ a girl along,
Makin’ her love ’em, till she lost her brains
And done what never can’t be undid now!

But still….
That night the stars was winkin’ down,
And looked so bright and happy, just like me.
The little waves was chucklin’ ’round the boat,
You and the wind took turns, kissin’ my forrid.
Down underneath I felt the engines pumpin’
Just like your heart, pressin’ against my cheeks.

The lights was out, it was so dark and haunted,
I felt so safe with them big arms around me,
And dreamy, with the boys singin’ soft,
Playin’ their yukalalies. And I says–
Don’t you remember what I says? I say,
“See them two rows o’ lights along the shore?
Them is the city’s teeth, shinin’ so white;
The city’s laughin’, just like you and me;
Laughin’ and laughin’. Everybody’s glad.” …

The fool I was! The stupid, crazy fool!
I listened to your talk, give in to you,
Lovin’ you heart and soul, never went home
Till noon, lied to ’em all–and now–and now–

I’m finished!–thrun away!… Them lights was teeth,
The teeth the city’s got, to tear and tear me–
Murderin’, tearin’ teeth! They got me in ’em!…

Go on away! I never want to see you!
Go get that red-head fool, tell her I sent you!
I hope she’ll be another fool like me,–
I hope you burn and burn in Hell!

I hope–
Oh, what’s there anything to hope for, now?…

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