A monologue from the play by Eric Kaiser

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MARTHA: There was a woman. A single mother living in this terrible, or terribly excitingly terrible place called the hood, it is full of a naughty little substance called crack, and has people driving small van like cars then shooting people from them, it’s a terribly excitingly terrible place. Anyway a lady named…well they all called her Sista!! Sista? Isn’t that charming? Well she had a son that everyone called Brutha’, Now I have not yet determined if indeed they are biological brothers and sisters. But I don’t think so because Brutha called Sista…Mutha. Now Brutha also had a Brutha that was called Brutha’s Brutha, and Sista was also his Mutha. So we have Brutha, Brutha’s Brutha and Sista which is their Mutha. Understand? Well Brutha was a hard one, and Brutha’s Brutha was a soft one. Brutha was in a sordid little group called a gang. And Brutha’s Brutha was in a safe little group called a chess club. While Brutha would drive around in little cars and Scream “I’m gonna blow your head of You dead Fucker.” Brutha’s Brutha would sit and say “Checkmate.” They both shared a common goal though. And that was “GETTING OUT.” One wanted to shoot his way out and the other wanted think his way out. [Pause.] Getting out huh? Do you understand that? Wanting to break free from all that you are bound too? I wish we could break out. Can we break out?

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