BORROWED PARTS – Monologue (Martha)

A monologue from the play by Walter Wykes

NOTE: This monologue is reprinted with the author’s permission. All inquiries should be directed to the author at:


You know what I’d do—if I had my own place? Don’t get mad. [Pause.] I’d have three or four guys. To keep me happy.

‘Cause no one guy is enough, I think. It’s like they’ve all got parts, you know … and if you could put all the parts together in one guy it would be enough …

but they don’t come that way. They’re all mixed up. They got scrambled somehow. [Pause.] Besides, every guy I’ve ever been with has had other women.

You think I don’t know? I know what’s going on. I just pretend like I don’t so … I don’t know why. I just pretend.

That’s what I do. Well, maybe it’s my turn, you know. Maybe it’s their turn to come to me.

Maybe it’s my turn to use them and tell them to get out when I’m done with them and make them clean up after me.

Maybe I’ll have as many guys as I want, and they can only come when I call them. When I ring my little bell! What do you think of that?

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