Women and Servants – Monologue (Pedro)

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A monologue from the play by Lope de Vega


Perhaps you feel, Violante, that I am too forward. Yet be patient in hating me, as I am in loving you. For although in my arrogance I swore to fall out of love, it is not as easy as falling in love.

Men fall in love so quickly, until they basically go mad, and then, bit by bit, take their distance and fall out of love again. A man might approach love with the best intentions, ready to give his all, and yet find that he walks on a path well trod, through a vale of tears.

I’ve come to ask you for another three days’ time, at least, in order to forget you. For I cannot persuade you, Violante, that I hate you from simply listening to you, when I hardly know you.

When I walk away and think I shall forget you, it turns out I am headed straight for love. I’ve looked elsewhere, and found some others who are by no means bad, but they don’t have that disdain that makes me long for you.

You must try harder to hate me, my lady; but no, for if you do, then I will love you all the more. For me to hate you, you must love me, and that you will not do. 

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