Wild With Happy – Monologue (Aunt Glo)

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A monologue from the play by Colman Domingo

AUNT GLO (fifties – sixties, African American)

Note: For class or auditions, actress could be any age.

Aunt Glo’s sister has died. She has come to the funeral home to see about the arrangements. She is speaking to Terry, the son of the owner, who works there.

The community is supposed to come together: To plan! To support! To grieve! Don’t nobody need anybody anymore? Now everybody is grieving on their own. I think the “internets” are the problem.

Can I please have a glass of water? (TERRY goes to get the water) First there was dial up but then apparently that was too slow! Everybody telling me I gotta get that DSL cable.

Why? I got HBO and Showtime! But they said I would be able to surf and get online and chat and things like that. (TERRY returns with the water) MICROWAVE OVENS! Thank you.

Good looks run in the family. You look just like all the other Terrys! Good looks get the grieving widows to spend all of they insurance money on the funeral services hunh? Mmm hmmm.

Anyway. Everybody just stays online and stays to themselves. No real relationships. The “internets” are keeping families apart. Adelaide, my sister, God rest her soul,

even had one of them SPACEBOOK accounts set up by Gil so that she could keep up with him. If I gotta find out what going on with you on a page over the “internets”—there is a problem.

What, nobody know how to pick up a phone anymore??? No, because there is texting and “twitching” going on. You know, Gil told me that, that is the way he lets folks know what is happening moment to moment.

No one needs to know what is going on with you moment to moment unless they are THERE! You ain’t there then somebody will TELL you about it. Go over their house and tell ‘em about it.

Have a piece of pie and talk. Or not talk just be together. That is called communication! I am so sorry do you have a dead body to burn or anything right now.

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