Where’s Julie? – Monologue (Julie)

A monologue from the play by Daniel Guyton

JULIE (fifteen)

Julie is a 15-year-old girl who is pregnant and very confused. Her friend Margaret convinces her to pray to Jesus for answers. 

Unfortunately, Julie has never been the “praying” type.

Dear Jesus, I’m sorry I called you a crock of sh*t. I just (She drops her hands onto the bed) I’m not very good at this.

Praying. Talking to someone who isn’t there. Or maybe you are there, Jesus. I don’t know. But it sure doesn’t seem like you care anymore.

Is that what it is? You’re there, but you just don’t care anymore? Because that seems more likely if you ask me.

(Pause) Not that I blame you, Jesus. I wouldn’t care either if I was you. Here you are, dying for everybody’s sins, and yet here we all are still sinning.

People are terrible, aren’t we Jesus? Allowing you to die like that? All alone (Pause) So here’s the question of the hour, Mr. Jesus.

Should I have this baby? Because wouldn’t it be a bigger sin to bring him into a world like this? Full of pain and loneliness? 

And what if I have this baby, and he doesn’t love me? What if he turns on me, the way we well, the way most of us have turned on you? (Pause)

I think I know how you felt now, Jesus. On the cross. Alone. Sacrificing everything for someone else. For everyone.

(Small pause) Are you there? Jesus?

Read the play here

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