This Is Us – Monologue (Rebecca)

A monologue from the tv series created by Dan Fogelman

S6 – E7


I’m a little nervous so I wrote down some notes. There is no easy way to start this. Um… when dad died, it was a shock right?

And we were all left scrambling, trying to figure out our roles and how to move on. 

And the one silver lining of this awful disease is that I have the opporunity to make a plan. To try and ease some of the burden, so… 

First things first, um, no matter how this thing goes, no matter how slow or fast, if decisions need to be made for me, Miguel is the captain of that ship. 

We’ve talked through every sad scenario and the last thing he needs to deal with are disagreements about my care.

So I need to hear you all agree to that. Thank you. Umm… and Kev, Miguel wasn’t asking about the guesthouse for fishing buddies.

If we are really doing this, if this incredibly generous thing you are doing for all of us is real, then… at some point, I’m probably gonna need permanent care and they’re gonna need a place to stay. 

But hopefully we’re a very very long way away from that.

Um… But in the event that uh Miguel, God forbid, is not here to make those decisions for me, I’m gonna need one of you to stand in for him. 

And I’ve thought long and hard about who that should be. I just, I don’t want there to be any confusion or fights.

There are a lot of reasons for my decision. I just, I hope that the three of you can respect it. Kate, I want it to be you.

Hmm… Believe or not that was the easy part of the family meeting. Um…. My last request is um, less a request and more of a demand actually. 

Um… This disease is a real b*stard.

And it’s set me on a road that’s gonna have a lot of ugly twists and turns, and I’m afraid that it’s gonna be a lot…. harder on all of you than it will be on me. 

And I hate knowing that. I hate it. But what I don’t want, I don’t want every holiday, for the camera to be focused on me.

So I need you all to hear my voice right now, your mother’s voice with all of her faculties. You will not make your lives smaller because of me.

This thing that’s happening to me will not be the thing that holds you back. So… take the risks. Make the big moves even if they’re small moves. 

Forge ahead with your lives in any and every direction that moves you. I am your mother, and I’m sick. And I’m asking you to be fearless.

And if that seems like a tall order, well, guess what? It is. But, the only acceptable response is a resounding “Yes ma’am.”

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