The Why Overhead – Monologue (Karen)

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A monologue from the play by Adam Szymkowicz

KAREN (thirties – forties)

Karen is talking to her dog. It’s morning. She hasn’t been to work all week.

I see you looking at me. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I should get dressed and go to work. “Get going,” your eyes say. But I am moving. You might not see it, but I’m moving.

It’s slow sure, but I’m faster than erosion. Faster than continental drift. But wait a minute. Let me rest. What’s the hurry? Live in the moment here with me. I’m here right now and I aim to stay here for another few minutes, an hour, a day.

Everything will go on without me. I didn’t go to work yesterday or the day before and yet the world continues to revolve. New York does not need me. People go about their lives.

No one calls to ask where I am. It’s like I don’t exist at all. But I do exist don’t I? Your mouth says yes but your eyes say no. Please stop judging me. I don’t need to go to work, not today.

It won’t affect the food in your dish. You’ll get fed. And you won’t be lonely. Please don’t say anything. I know you disapprove and I hear you but it’s really not what I want right now

and I know you subscribe to a sort of tough love viewpoint, but sometimes that’s not very helpful and furthermore, not appreciated. Don’t look at me like that. I do appreciate you, just not the hard line you try to draw sometimes.

The world is not black and white. And colors can be confusing, so let me sit and rest and figure out a few things, okay? It’ll be fun. I can stay here all day with you.

We can watch bad romantic comedies and you can jump up on the bed and curl up with me and we can eat crackers if we want. I won’t kick you out. And tomorrow? (beat) Who knows? Let’s just think of today. Everything is so uncertain these days.

Read the play here

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