The Veri**on Play – Monologue (Carol)

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A monologue from the play by Lisa Kron


Nine months? Is that what you call a long time? Try seven years. You just wait till you’ve been fighting with the phone company for seven years!

They say I’m dead. (She pauses for effect.) Do I look dead to you? My father died, seven years ago.

I sent the phone company a copy of his death certificate to close his account. Would you like to see the letter they sent me in return?

(Pulls out a crumpled for m letter and reads.) “Dear Ms. Anderson. Our sincerest condolences on the recent death of Carol K. Anderson.”

They cut off my phone service seven years ago and they still won’t turn it back on because according to them I’m dead ! (Her rage turns to grief)

I go there in person, I stand by the payment windows, I scream: I’m alive! L ook at me! I’m alive!!!

Nothing makes a difference. Nothing helps. Seven years! Seven goddamn years!!!

Let me tell you something, Janey. These people, these brave people are the only thing that gives me hope.

Thank you.

Read the play here

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