The Servant of Two Masters – Monologue (Truffaldino)

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A monologue translated/adapted by Bonnie J. Monte from the original play by Carlo Goldoni 


Hanging around street corners, waiting for your master, is the most boring task in the world. Not only am I bored stiff, I’m faint with hunger. We pulled into town at noon – meal time! 

A half hour went by, then another, then another and then my stomach started to talk to me. He’s not happy. The first thing most normal people do when they arrive in a new city is seek lodging and food! 

Then, they sit and eat the food! Not my master. He’s got me hauling luggage, stopping at people’s houses to deliver messages, running up stairs and down stairs and now this! 

Boredom and starvation. I need to talk to him about the proper care and feeding of servants. I’d be happy to serve him with love and devotion, but he’s making it very hard. 

Here’s an inn; I could pop in for a little snack, but with my luck, that’s just when he’d show up looking for me. Besides, I have no money.

I have nothing. I’m dying of hunger for that devil of a man, and for what? Poor Truffaldino!

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