The School For Scandal – Monologue (Sir Peter)

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A monologue from the play by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Act 1, Scene 2

Sir Peter

When an old Bachelor takes a young Wife—what is He to expect—’Tis now six months since Lady Teazle made me the happiest of men—and I have been the most miserable Dog ever since that ever committed wedlock.

We tift a little going to church—and came to a Quarrel before the Bells had done ringing—I was more than once nearly chok’d with gall during the Honeymoon—and had lost all comfort in Life before my Friends had done wishing me Joy—

yet I chose with caution—a girl bred wholly in the country—who never knew luxury beyond one silk gown—nor dissipation above the annual Gala of a Race-Ball—

Yet she now plays her Part in all the extravagant Fopperies of the Fashion and the Town, with as ready a Grace as if she had never seen a Bush nor a grass Plot out of Grosvenor-Square!

I am sneered at by my old acquaintance—paragraphed—in the news Papers—She dissipates my Fortune, and contradicts all my Humours—yet the worst of it is I doubt I love her or I should never bear all this.

However I’ll never be weak enough to own it.

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