The Royale – Monologue (Nina)

A monologue from the play by Marco Ramirez

NINA (thirties)

I wasn’t gon’ come here, Jay. I wanted to let you have this. Truly. Have you thought about what you’re doing?

In the middle of the title-fight heavyweight champion nonsense, have you stopped to think, for one second that you gon’ up’n get somebody killed? 

I don’t think you have, Jay. No, I think you’re so caught up in playing David to Goliath, in being the one fish swimming upstream,

I think you up and forgot about the rest of us, the ones ain’t as strong as you. Where’s the checkpoints in Harlem, Jay?

Where’s the checkpoints in Memphis, New Orleans? ’Cause you know as well as I do what happens when you knock that bastard out.

I don’t want you to lose. I’m just afraid of what happens when you win. One day, you won’t be the strongest one in the room, Jay.

Someday, you’ll learn to love things outside of yourself, and once you do, you’ll know there’s a lot out there to be afraid of.

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