The Other Genius – Monologue (Fiona)

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A monologue from the play by Steven Haworth

FIONA (thirty)

Fiona is a Psychology 101 professor who is being stalked by a student whom she baby sat when he was six and with whose father she is currently having an affair.

She appears before her Psychology 101 class to lecture.

Transfiguration! That word crossed my path today. Transfigu­ration. What does it mean? A change of form into a different or more beautiful state. There is also the religious definition:

Christ’s transfiguration from mere prophet into the luminous son of God as witnessed by Saints Peter, James, and John on Mount Tabor. But for me the word brings to mind perverse sexual obsession.

I’ve been thinking about perverse sexual ob­session a lot lately. Probably because I am being stalked by a student. Please please it’s fine. There is no danger. Although the student is here today.

Oh, stop. Relax. Thanks for your concern. But let us consider the stalker. Why does a man send a vibrator through the mail to a famous model with a note. “Because I love you.”

Why does John Hinkley, in hopes of impressing Jodi Foster, shoot the president of the United States? And why does my student make his desires so obvious even his father knows his favorite pastime is masturbating while thinking of me?

Oh grow up. Transfiguration. My student is obsessed with me because he is desperate to become something other than he is. It is not my naked body he truly desires. No! He desires me to see him as he sees me.

Were I to see him as he sees me he would be transfigured, infused himself by my splendor, and rescued from his abject mediocrity. That’s what he wants. And I say to him now: not a bloody chance!

Your thoughts in 900 words. Due on Tuesday. Class dismissed.

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