The Glass Menagerie – Monologue (Jim)

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A monologue from the play by Tennessee Williams


[abruptly]: You know what I judge to be the trouble with you? Inferiority complex I Know what that is? That’s what they call it when someone low-rates himself ! I understand it because I had it, too. 

Although my caw was not so aggravated as yours seems to be. I had it until I took up public speaking, developed my voice, and learned that I had an aptitude for science. 

Before that time I never thought of myself as being outstanding in any way whatsoever I Now I’ve never made a regular study of it, but I have a friend who says I can analyse people better than doctors that make a profession of it. 

I don’t claim that to be necessarily true, but I can sure guess a person’s psychology, Laura I [Takes out his gum] Excuse me, Laura. I always take it out when the flavour is gone. 

I’ll use this scrap of paper to wrap it in. I know how it is to get it stuck on a shoe. Yep – that’s what I judge to be your principal trouble. A lack of amount of faith in yourself as a person. 

You don’t have the proper amount of faith in yourself. I’m basing that fact on a number of your remarks and also on certain observations I’ve made. For instance that clumping you thought was so awful in high school. 

You say that you even dreaded to walk into class. You see what you did? You dropped out of school, you gave up an education because of a clump, which as far as I know was practically non-existent! 

A little physical defect is what you have. Hardly noticeable even! Magnified thousands of times by imagination! You know what my strong advice to you is? Think of yourself as superior in some way!

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