The Edge Of Seventeen – Monologue (Nadine)

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A monologue from the screen play by Kelly Fremon Craig


[writing a text to a boy she has a crush on]  Nick, I’m just gonna say it, I like you. I’ve liked you for months. I think about you every second. I don’t know, maybe I even love you. You’re so complicated, but simple,

and I just feel this connection between us, I feel like I already know you, and I just want to be with you. I want to give you head, I want you to put your mouth on my t*ts, I want to feel you inside me…

We can do it in the Petland stockroom. – Nadine. [pause]  Oh my god. Oh my god. [to herself]  You sound like a f***ing psychopath. You can’t send this. [She accidentally sends the text]  What? No. Sh*t… Oh my god.

Oh my god, no way, no, no, no way, no. F***! Oh my god! Sh*t!

Watch the clip (time stamp 1:17 – 2:20)

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