The Crazy Time – Monologue (Kate)

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A monologue from the play by Sam Bobrick

KATE (about fifty)

Kate is talking to her ex-husband Miles and telling him off for having an affair with a much younger woman.

Please, please Miles. You don’t have to make any polite excuses. You wanted to get laid by a young chick. It’s understandable. What fifty-six-year-old man doesn’t? Too bad.

Between you and me, it’s not always easy having to talk to young people. Anyway, Miles, I now can understand your little misguided transgression perfectly. Older men are attracted to younger women.

It’s as simple as that. It’s not a new phenomenon. It’s been that way since the beginning of time. But trust me, Miles, I don’t care what breakthroughs medical science makes,

an older man will never get the sexual satisfaction from a younger woman that an older woman will get from a younger man. And best of all, when we have sex, I don’t have to wait a half-hour for a pill to work.

Yes, life without you Miles didn’t turn out so badly after all. Thanks to your walking out on me, I now have an exciting life too. Maybe it will last forever and then maybe it won’t. Who knows?

But while I want to be with Dirk, and he wants to be with me, honey, all older men can kiss my ass.

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