The Colored Museum (The Last Mama On The Couch Play) – Monologue (Lady)

A monologue from the play by George C. Wolfe


She was a creature of regal beauty who in ancient times graced the temples of the Nile with her womanliness.

But here she was, stuck being colored and a woman in a world that valued neither. 

Feet flat, back broke, she looked at the man who, though he be thirty still ain’t got his own apartment. Yeah, he’s still livin’ with his Mama! 

And she asked herself, was this the life for a Princess Colored, who by the translucence of her skin, knew the universe was her sister. 

And she cried for her sisters in Detroit Who knew, as she, that their souls belonged on the Nile. And she cried for her sisters in Chicago who, like her, their life has become one colored hell.  

Read the play here

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