The Altruists – Monologue (Sydney)

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A monologue from the play by Nicky Silver

SYDNEY (twenties – thirties)

Sydney is a rather shallow, anorexic soap opera actress. She is talking to her boyfriend Ethan.

Ethan, I have had it! I can take it no more. Do you hear me? You can pretend to be asleep, I don’t care. Pretend you don’t hear me. Your whole life is nothing but pretense anyway! All your causes!

Your walkathons and demonstrations! Your rallies and protests! Your firebombs and letter writing! — I AM NOT HAPPY! How could I be? Am I supposed to enjoy your condescension?

Should I love your humiliating me in front of your friends? I hate your friends. Cretins. Blowhards and cretins, all of them. With all of your political babble. You care more about your receding hairline than the plight of the disenfranchised!

You’re more concerned with your thickening waist than the homeless and the needy! You’re nothing but a bunch of phonies! How do you think I feel when I’m introduced as “just” an actress?

As if what I did for a living didn’t bring joy into the world! As if what I do for a living didn’t make this life more bearable for the disenfranchised you pretend to care about!

There is dignity, profound dignity in my life, in my work! But you choose to sneer at it. People LOVE SOAP OPERAS! I get mail by the bushel, letters by the trillion! I have fans! I have followers!

All over this country people are worried about Montana Beach! Will she leave Brock for Brick? Will she kick her ugly habit? Will she find her mother, true love, or the meaning of life!?

People care about me! Who cares about you?! I ask you. Who cares about you! Not I! Not I, Ethan!

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