Tartuffe – Monologue (Dorine)

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A monologue from the play by Moliere


Each daughter must choose always to say yes
To what her father wants, no more and no less.
If he wants to give her an ape to marry,
Then she must do it, without a query.
But it’s a happy fate! What is this frown?
You’ll go by wagon to his little town,
Eager cousins, uncles, aunts will greet you
And will call you “sister” when they meet you,
Because you’re family now. Don’t look so grim.
You will so adore chatting with them.
You’ll be expected to maintain propriety
And sit straight, or try to, in the folding chair
They offer you, and never, ever stare
At the wardrobe of the bailiff’s wife
Because you’ll see her everyday for life.
Let’s not forget the village carnival!
Where you’ll be dancing at a lavish ball
To a bagpipe orchestra of locals,
An organ grinder’s monkey doing vocals—
And your husband—

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