Spark – Monologue (Ali)

A monologue from the play by Caridad Svich 

Ali (eighteen)

In a small town in North Carolina, 18-year-old Ali lives with her older sister Evelyn in a house that has seen better days. 

Their middle sister Lexie has just returned from a five-year tour of duty in a recent war. In this scene, Ali confronts Evelyn about their shared past.

You go round all high and mighty, but when Lexie shipped out, I remember you prayin’ to all the saints in heaven that she stay there a long time. Wanted her gone. 

Far, far away, ‘cuz you hated she always did better than you. She’d win some prize at school? You’d be all weirded-out.

She made a real decision with her life? You didn’t know what to do with. ‘Cuz she’s just like Daddy. Lexie is just like Daddy and Daddy was a piece of sh*t. 

Piece of sh*t for leavin’ us, piece of sh*t ‘cuz Momma got sick after he left, piece of sh*t it was his fault she up and died,

‘cuz if he hadn’t left, maybe she wouldn’t have gotten sick in the first place. And Lexie got his eyes and Lexie got his spirit and Lexie a soldier too, and that just puts you out like hellfire.

But you know what? Lexie’s more than you. Come Day of Judgment? Book gonna show she done right. And you, with all the powerful decency you say you got—

Nobody’s gonna remember you. Nobody’s gonna say “Oh that Evelyn, she’s a golden child.” Your name drop in the bucket?

Good riddance. That’s what people will say. Nobody but nobody’s gonna sing at your grave.

Read the play here

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