Scandal – Monologue (Mama Pope)

A monologue from the tv series created by Shonda Rhymes

(S6 – E16)


“Damn shame. I tell you… being a black woman. Be strong, they say. Support your man, raise your man, think like a man.

Well damn, I gotta do all that? Who’s out here working for me, carrying my burden, building me up when I get down?

Nobody. Black women out here trying to save everybody and what do we get? Swagger jacked by white girls wearing cornrows and bamboo earrings.

Ain’t that a bitch? But we still try. Try to help all y’all. Even when we get nothing. Is that admirable or ridiculous? I don’t know.”

I know me sitting here is ridiculous, when I could be helping, but you don’t want my help.

You want to do it all by yourself. Mr. big strong black man. God forbid you let a sister like me help you out. No, you don’t want that. 

Don’t let me put you on my back when you fall. Wipe the crust out of your eyes. Put the pep back in your step.

Because when we do, you resent us for making you better. Smarter. Stronger. Then drop us so you can be with someone basic.

Someone without all that baggage you left us with. But we still try. That’s why I’m here. Trying and saving and trying to save like we do, here I am. 

Admirable or ridiculous? Baby you tell me. 

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