SAVED OR DESTROYED – Monologue (Lucille)

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A monologue from the play by Harry Kondoleon

LUCILLE (thirties – forties)

Lucille is in bed with her husband Maury, who wants to watch TV or read the Bible. They have just been to a party with another couple, whose relationship if quite different from theirs.

Cut the sound on that. . . . Here, give me that, I’ll manipulate it. Did you think it was strange and not nice that they left so soon? I did. Mostly not nice. I’m not sorry. I don’t miss them, except maybe Karin.

I like Karin. Karin and Vinnie spent a lot of time together. That’s nice. They like books. They read to each other out loud. Why are you reading the Bible now instead of listening to me?

You’re always reading the Bible. What’s so interesting in there once you have read it once? I’m getting a little fed up with you, you know, Maury? You space out and you blabber.

People have remarked on it. You’re out of it. (Wistful.) This was supposed to be a nice summer, a summer to remember. We got a nice rental, more than we could afford, but with your brother paying two-thirds, affordable.

Right near the nice beach. All the clean-cut college kids. I’d hoped it would be good for Vincent and for Karin, meeting new lively people and making contacts for when they go to college.

But they just stayed alone together. Maybe they’ll get married. They’re not real cousins so maybe they’ll get married and have children That wouldn’t throw me, would it throw you?

Maurice, in the name of the Virgin Mary and all her many martyrs, put down that Bible!

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