Really Really – Monologue (Leigh)

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A monologue from the play by Paul Downs Colaizzo


Why now? Tell me you f***. Why now? Four years. Four years I was not good enough for you. And what makes me better than this?

I will tell you, Davis. What makes me better than this is my future. The life that I can have. With Jimmy. With a protector and a provider and a man who can offer me 4 walls and a roof forever. (BEAT)

I am choosing not to fall. It is a promise. What happened happened. It happened, Davis. But my life is waiting. And it is exactly what I want.

And you have actually helped me. This whole thing. This whole f***ed up thing – is a blessing. Jimmy can’t save something that doesn’t need to be saved.

Look at me. The poor girl who is almost beautiful. And look what I’m about to have.

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