Pygmalion – Monologue (Eliza)

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A monologue from the play by George Bernard Shaw


Freddy’s not a fool. And if he’s weak and poor and wants me, maybe he’d make me happier than my betters that bully me and don’t want me.

Perhaps I could make something of him. But I never thought of us making anything of one another; and you never think of anything else.

I only want it to be natural. I don’t want you to be infatuated with me. That’s not the sort of feeling I want from you. And don’t you be too sure of yourself or of me.

I could have been a bad girl if I’d liked. I’ve seen more of some things than you, for all your learning. Girls like me can drag gentlemen down to make love to them easy enough.

And they wish each other dead the next minute. I want a little kindness. I know I’m a common ignorant girl, and you a book-learned gentleman; but I’m not dirt under your feet.

What I done – what I did was not for the dresses and the taxis. I did it because we were pleasant together, and I come – came – to care for you;

not to want you to make love to me, and not forgetting the difference between us, but more friendly-like.

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