Praying For Rain – Monologue (Erin)

A monologue from the play by Robert Lewis Vaughan 

ERIN (seventeen) 

Marc, who is mentioned in the monologue, was once a jock and has changed drastically after a severe motorcycle accident.

What’s next, Mom? What does he have to do to make you see that he’s no good? You know he still hangs out with those idiots… with Jim and Chris. 

Maybe there wasn’t a gun and they were just gonna take that kid’s money. But maybe there is a gun and he’d have done it, too. I just know it, and so do you. 

He used to be nice and everything. I guess. He was hard to get to know. It’s kinda like two Marcs: Marc before he got hurt and Marc after he got hurt. 

Before he got hurt, he was okay, and you’d get close enough and you’d deal with it ‘cause we were all on teams, and he was kind of there, but after he got hurt…

I don’t know. I thought it was kind of weird, but … I mean, we all wear our team jackets, you know?

Tony Miller still wears his even though he quit playing football, but Marc always wore his jacket.

He always wore it, like he was just a little more proud of it than anybody else. I noticed that after he came back to school … and he couldn’t play anymore …he never wore his jacket again. 

And …it’s like, since then, I don’t know. I still … I don’t want to have anything to do with him and I think they should have just kicked him out. 

What’s he going to need a diploma for anyway? He’s not going to use it.

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