Peter And The Starcatcher – Monologue (Peter)

 A monologue from the play by Rick Elice (based on the book by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson)

(Act 2, Scene 1)


(PETER is alone with the trunk and blinded by the glare of the sun after waking up washed ashore.) So…bright. Holy – Know what that is? That must be the sun!

I am feeling you, sun! (realizing how much he can see) And check-it-out!! Space. Light. Air. I’m finally FREE! (echo of FREE, FREE, FREE. This delights him.) And I’m gonna have..freedoms! Whatever I want.

(A yellow bird enters suddenly and alights on his shoulder!) Whoa. Hey bird, wassup? Me? Well, let’s see…Saved the world. Got a name. Not too shabby.

I just – I wonder if Teddy and Prentiss made it off the ship before it sank.  I mean, how weird would it be if they – (a chill up his spine, looks up) Please let them be okay. (scared now, a lost boy)

Bird, we should make a pact. I don’t leave you, you don’t leave me. Deal? (The bird flies off.) No! Come back! I don’t wanna be alone! COME BACK! (Echo of BACK, BACK, BACK. This leaves him desolate, but he tries to rally.)

Hey, fine. No Molly, no Teddy, no Prentiss…so what? This is perfect. Nobody’s after me with a stick. Nothing between me and the sky. I can just be a boy for a while.

It’s all I want anyway. (giving in to the lost feeling) I gotta get outta here!

Read the play here

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