MONTHS ON END – Monologue (Heidi)

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A monologue from the play by Craig Pospisil

HEIDI (twenty-two)

“Pomp and Circumstance” plays as the lights come up, and Heidi, a nervous young woman wearing a black graduation robe, enters and crosses to a podium.

She carries a small stack of three-by-five note cards, which she refers to as she speaks.

Welcome. Welcome friends and family, welcome to our teachers . . . and welcome to our parents. (Slight pause.) The day has finally come. The day this graduating class has been working toward for so many years of hard study.

And I think I speak for my entire generation when I say . . . thank you. (Slight pause.) Thank you to our parents. The people who lit the way. Who loved us and nurtured us.

And who now cheer us on as we set out to face the challenges of tomorrow. (Pause.) This class stands before you today poised to — (The cards in her hand suddenly fly into the air, scattering around the podium.

Heidi freezes and then looks at the cards lying around her on the floor. She tries to continue from memory.) . . . ah, poised to take on those challenges. We greet them with open arms. (Pause.)

We, ah . . . stand . . . no, um . . . (She glances down to the cards on the ground, turning her head around to try and read some of them.) It’s wonderful for me to be able to stand here like this . . .

and look out . . . Hold on, I’m sorry. (Heidi stoops down and collects the cards, pulling them together randomly. She stands and smiles nervously at the audience.)

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