Monsieur de Pourceaugnac – Monologue (Sbrigani)

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A monologue from the play by Moliere


Let me consider a little if I can in conscience do it.

(Goes away a small distance from MR. DE POURCEAUGNAC.)

He is a man who looks after his own interests, who tries to provide for his daughter as advantageously as possible; and one should injure nobody.

It is true that these things are no secret; but I shall be telling them to a man who knows nothing about it, and it is forbidden to talk scandal of one’s neighbour.

All this is true. On the other hand, however, here is a stranger they want to impose upon, who comes in all good faith to marry a girl he knows nothing about, and whom be has never seen.

A gentleman all openheartedness, for whom I feel some inclination, who does me the honour of reckoning me his friend, puts his confidence in me, and gives me a ring to keep for his sake.


Yes, I think that I can tell you how things are without wounding my conscience. But I must try to tell it all to you in the mildest way possible, and to spare people as much as I can.

If I were to tell you that this girl leads a bad life, it would be going too far. I must find some milder term to explain myself.

The word coquette does not come up to the mark; that of downright flirt seems to me to answer the purpose pretty well, and I can make use of it to tell you honestly what she is.

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