Mala Hierba – Monologue (Maritza)

A monologue from the play by Tanya Saracho

MARITZA (twenty-eight)

Maritza is with Liliana, with whom she has just had sex. 

Liliana is trapped in an abusive marriage to a very wealthy man, and Maritza pleads with her to leave him and come back to Chicago with her.

You’re going up with me, I’m taking you back with me. Let’s make this happen. Let’s do this. We do it before he comes back.

We do it in a way that we can’t get tracked. We drive, ok? We drive all the way up. Borrow a car from my cousin.

I won’t tell him just so he doesn’t—Yeah we won’t tell him and we dismantle that narco truck of yours. And that way Fabi doesn’t get it either.

Just do away with it. Trade it with my cousin for parts so he can give us some hooptie that will take us north. You leave that iPhone here.

We get you a new phone. You take only what you need. Ok, you take whatever you want. Whatever we can fit in the back seat and in the trunk.

Nothing electronic though, ok? No iPad. No laptop. No . . . whatever else you got. Just you and your drawers and your face paint and your fancy shoes. 

But come on, not all of them, ok? And we go Liliana and we start. We just start it. Take the video out of pause and we start it.

Like it was meant to be. This is a long time coming. Every so often we keep getting pulled back for a reason. That’s why you called me, Lili.

And we are going to be f***ed up unless we finally do this, we’re never going to be whole. We’ll walk around with big gaping holes for the rest of our lives. (beat)

Please baby, you have to leave with me. (beat) Tonight.

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