Make Me A Match – Monologue (Stevie)

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A monologue from the play by Lawrence Roman

STEVIE (thirty-eight)

Stevie is a no-nonsense corporate type who is talking to Robin, a professional matchmaker. She has hired Robin to find a mate for her mother — but her mother won’t get married until she does.

I’ve heard about sisters feeling that way. The younger one not wanting to get married before the older one does because she loves her and doesn’t want her to feel bad. But of course, if there’s a lot of sibling rivalry it could work the opposite.

That is, the younger one couldn’t wait to get married before the older one did. Like sticking her tongue out at her older sister. But with a mother and daughter, it’s not as pressing to the mother.

She’s been married before. Usually, that is. Of course, if the mother feels her daughter is getting older and older and in danger of becoming a crotchety old maid never getting married,

then it wouldn’t matter much if the mother got married as it seemed the daughter never would. You understand? . . . On the other hand, if the daughter is getting older and older, but still has expectation.

That is, her beauty and femininity are coming through. That she is compelling, you know. Well then, a feeling mother wouldn’t want her daughter to feel bad by upstaging her and getting married even though the daughter as yet didn’t have a good prospect.

Understand? . . . Of course you do because you figured out my mother’s feelings right away. It’s true. You do have insight into a woman’s mind being a serial plucker and all . . . Want to go for three?

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