Maids Of Honor – Monologue (Izzy)

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A monologue from the play by Joan Casademont

IZZY (twenties)

Izzy and Annie want to stop their sister, Monica, from marrying a man they know is a crook. Izzy, a fledgling reporter, here describes to a fellow journalist who has written the expose on Monica’s fiance, an event from her life as a runway model.

See, I’d always hated how I felt when I had to walk or skip or jump down some g*ddamn runway to some ditzy music to please some son-of-a-b*tch. This one time, see, at this big fall showing in Boston,

I was wearing this ridiculous mink and halfway down the runway I got this idea—like a lightning bolt in my brain—that I should just rip it off and dance the way I wanted!

Well, I ripped off the coat and threw it and before I know it I’d ripped off the dress underneath and the underwear too! I was naked except for these heels, so I kicked those off and started to jump up and down on all fours, like a gorilla!

I spotted this big fruit basket and I just started to gorge, I was spitting out cherry pits, peach pits, plum pits, you name it, I spit it! God, I was having such a good time! Well the music went screeching off, people ran,

and the designer started screaming in my ear, “YOU FREAK! YOU ANIMAL! YOU FREAK!” when the security guards hauled me away. I just screamed back, “I AM A HUMAN BEING, DESCENDED FROM APES! DESCENDED FROM APES!”…

Time to quit the biz, eh?..You wanna go get a drink and figure out how to proceed with the damn story?

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