Looking – Monologue (Val)

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A monologue from the play by Norm Foster

VAL (forties – early fifties)

Looking is a comedy about looking for love in a tennis club. Here, Val is replying to Nina, another member, who has advised her to set her goals a little lower in the man department.

You know, Nina, I happen to think that I’m a pretty good catch. . . . I’m smart. I have a good sense of humor. I’m well read, well spoken, I’ve got a good career, and I can look pretty damn sexy with the right outfit and proper lighting.

And you know what else? I’ve got nice hair. Yeah. No split ends, soft to the touch and easy to manage. And with that kind of package you expect me to aim lower? I don’t think so, Missy.

In fact, if anything, I’m going to aim just as high as I can, because I think I deserve the best. That’s right. Somewhere out there is one very nice, very good-looking, very successful man who is going to meet me and say,

“Wow. Why aren’t you spoken for yet?” And I’ll say, “Because I haven’t found anyone good enough yet and that includes you, J*rk-off, so hit the road.” So, thanks for the advice, Nina, but no,

I will not be setting my sights lower anytime soon. In fact, if anything, you should be setting yours a little higher. Like above the waist.

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