Living OUt – Monologue (Ana)

A monologue from the play by Lisa Loomer 

ANA (early to mid-thirties) 

Ana is a Hispanic woman who’s living in California, where she works as a nanny. She is talking on the phone to her young son, Tomas,

who lives back home with his grandmother while Ana and her husband try to get established in America. 

Tomas? Soy mami! . . . Me puedes oir, mijo? . . . Como estas? . . . Si? Recibiste el paquete? And the shirt?

Does it fit? (Pronouncing it for him.) “Hill-finger.” 

(Laughs.) I don’t know, mijo, they like to put their name on everything, quien sabe . . . How is school? . . .

Then you got to study a little harder, Tomas, so when you come here you know your math . . . OK, just spend a little more time . . .

What are you eating? . . . Bueno, Tomas, pero don’t eat too much sugar . . . Pues, tell me something else —

(He’s running out of conversation.) Do you miss me? . . . I miss you up to the sky! . . . You’re going to come real soon, mijo.

(Surprised.) No, no, not for vacation — you’re going to come here to live! . . . No, not with abuela.

Your great grandmother don’t want to come, mijo, she says she’s too old. (Pained.) I know it’s hard to leave her.

But don’t you want to be with mami? . . . Oye, did you get the pictures I sent you from the beach? With the rides?

(Laughs.) Te gustan? That’s me and my sister-in-law and her friend. (Pause; fighting tears.) No, mijo . . . I’m the one in the middle. (She hangs up.)

Read the play here

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