Linda – Monologue (Alice)

A monologue from the play by Penelope Skinner

ALICE (twenty five)

Once upon a time there were two girls who went to the same school. And their names were Amy and Alice. (Beat)

They weren’t best friends or anything. But they always got on OK. Didn’t they? (Beat) Until one day Alice broke up with her boyfriend Damon and he was very upset.

So he decided to share something private with the whole school. I don’t need to tell you the next part. Do I?

(Beat) There was a particularly vicious message about how I should be so ashamed I should go home and kill myself, remember that?

That was one of yours. I thought about that one a lot. You know? That was the one that really stuck in me because of my grandma who I never met.

Cos I’d never understood why she did it before, that desire to just make everything stop. How else can I stop the endless messages?

The kids screaming SLAG at me everywhere I go? How can I stop all those f***ing eyes looking at those f***ing pictures?

Why did you do it? I just want to understand. And then I can let it go. (Beat) Help me let it go.

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