Jump/Cut – Monologue (Karen)

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A monologue from the play by Neena Beber

KAREN (twenties)

Karen has just been asked by her boyfriend, Paul, to move in with him. Here, she gives him her decision.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think moving in together is a see-how-it goes proposition. I think it’s a turn my life upside-down, put my faith and my hope and my esteem in the hands of another human being,

sacrifice my independence and my freedom and my self-sufficiency which I am willing to do on a leap, as an act of faith, an act of belief, but not as a dare or a gamble or a see-how-it-goes what-the-fuck. . . .

(A pop of light. Karen faces us. To audience.) I always wanted to be one of those what-the-hell girls . . . you know the ones I mean . . . they usually have a little tattoo of,

say, a dolphin on their ankle that they got on the spur of the moment when it was trendy, what the hell. They smoke cigs and drink too much, what the hell. They’ve all been with other women, even the straight ones, what the hell.

They’re sexy, despite their usually stringy hair and unmade-up faces, because they think they are, and they’re young as shit, and skinny, and they live with this guy and then that guy without losing faith,

or innocence, or pride, what the hell great way to save on rent and hey, it’s fun for a while, cool and carefree and shit I am just not, have never been, carefree. (A pop of light as Karen returns to the scene with Paul. To Paul.)

I will move in with you, Paul, what the hell. Until I can find my own place at least. But I want you to know that I didn’t ruin a romantic moment. It was more like a toaster-oven moment.

A blender moment. A perfectly utilitarian non-moment. OK?

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