Immediate Family – Monologue (Nina)

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A monologue from the play by Paul Oakley Stovall

NINA ( early thirties)

Jesse is Nina’s friend who lives in Minneapolis. He has asked Jesse to come to Minneapolis but she is not interested. Here, she tells him why she chose Chicago instead.

Ahmo pretend you ain’t jis sed dat. Chicago got flavor. Chicago got color. It’s all segregated, but it’s here. When I first landed, I took the blue line to the red line to the bus and I saw so many fine a** women I thought I was bout ta fall out.

I saw Black girls, Latinas, Asians, Arabians,—Dots and Feathers, Blatinas, Blasians, Blatasians, Blarabians, Blindians, Blatindians, Europeans, Bleuropeans, Bleurasians, Bleutarasians, Maroons, Octaroons, Quadroons—

OH! I saw this thick b*tch walking down the street after I got off the trainnnnnnn. Juicy. Just juice. All juice. Lips. Hips. I wanted to stick a straw in the b*tch and sip her.

So, I asked her where she thought she was goin’ and she came at me with this sexy accent—I said, “Girl, where you from? Tunisia? Madagascar or some sh*t?” And she said—“America.

I’m American . . .” and I said “Well, God Bless yo’ American a**!”

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