Imagining Brad – Monologue (Dana)

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A monologue from the play by Peter Hedges

DANA (thirties)

Brad and his wife have recently moved to Nashville. Brad has suggested to his wife to go to church and meet new friends. She goes to church by herself and finds herself confronted by nosey Dana Sue Kay.

Dana wants to know why Brad never appears in public.

How silly – what is he, a vampire or something? Doesn’t have pictures taken – how strange. And on his wedding day, no less. What goes on with this guy? [Brad’s wife is about to speak when:]

DANA: You must admit that my first impressions are not the kind one might call impressive…you MUST admit that… [BRAD’S WIFE: Uhm.] DANA: Well think about it sweetie.. .what I know so far…

and Dana Sue Kaye just knows what she has heard…I mean, believe it or not, I am not all knowing, all powerful…I’m not God…although there is god in me…I mean, I’m NOT god but I’m part god…

and don’t ask what parts are god and what parts aren’t because I DON’T KNOW…I just know that part of me FEELS holy part of the time. My hair, when I’ve washed it and blown it dry, sometimes it feels holy.

The white, soft skin on my behind…smooth like a baby’s bottom, unscathed by the sun, unseen by the human eye (except for Alex, of course)…my littlest toes…how they have been pushed up,

scrunched into the other bigger toes…that part of me has a noble, almost holy quality. But I’m NOT all knowing and I’m glad I’m not because THEN I would have to offer advice, I’d have to counsel,

I’d have to solve your problems as well as a billion or more other people’s problems…and frankly I just don’t have the time. Time, my dear, is a thing we’re out of. As a planet. I believe this. SO.

What am I saying? I already have my own personal reservations. About this man of yours. This Brad. This man who you’ve committed your entire life and being to…this man who I’m sure you throw yourself onto nightly, the man who plunges you…

who fills you with his juice…this man who does not hesitate to get you on your knees and mount you…this same man just can’t seem to make it to church with his beautiful young bride for their first Sunday when they are new in town…

(I’d be lying if I said this was acceptable behavior)…one might suppose that he’s still sleeping off a very active and passionate night of LOVE making…well, you’re here. He isn’t.

Also, I note that this man refuses to be photographed, even on his wedding day.. .leaving one to suppose that perhaps his only interest is in photos of the nude kind, the p*rnographic kind…

I mean, I don’t know. These are just things a person watching might be left to wonder about. Who is this Brad? What is his story? You know what I’m saying. You know that I’m not criticizing…or judging…you know that…

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