Hurt Village – Monologue (Skillet)

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A monologue from the play by Katori Hall

Skillet tells Ebony, the neighborhood comedian and smalltime doughboy, about a money-making plan he’s come up with. He speaks very slowly.

Skillet (late teens to early twenties, African-American)

You know how weed make you forget; I forgot. Speakina’ which, I forgot to tell you. This n*ggah down by the Pyramid gone axe me, which one I rather have. Pu**y or weed?

I say, “N*ggah? Now what kind of question is that?” I’m the type a n*ggah, can’t live without neither, but I much rather have some weed than some pu**y.

Pu**y and weed . . . got some similarities. Pu**y and weed taste good when they wet. they both . . . got a distinct smell. They both can have you happy and give you the munchies til six o’clock in the morning.

They both can burn ya’ if you get too close to the tip. They both can turn yo’ lips black, you suck on it too much. See, I likes em’ both, but pu**y leave you.

Weed don’t care nothin’ ‘bout yo’ job, yo’ credit or yo’ car. Weed’ll chill witcha . . . anywhere and nowhere. Make everything real . . . slow . . . motion like.

Pu**y speed sh*t up: the decreasement of the gas in yo tank, yo’ bank account, and yo . . . beloved weed. Hell muthafuckin yeah! That’s my next ‘speriment. I can make pu**y-smellin’ weed!

I’m on a marketing grind: “Pu**y weed.” N*ggahs’ll eat that sh*t up, you know what I’m sayin’?

“Gotta make that money, cuz I gotta get my own place Can’t stay wit’ my cousin no mo. Gotta go. Gotta go I stay high on the ya-yo. Jump the boogie Woulja puff puff pass that pu**y to me.”

That was brilliant. I’ma have ta record that Triple Six Mafia could use that verse.

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