HOMECOMING – Monologue (Lauren)

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A monologue from the play by Lauren Weedman


Lisa is a teenager who is talking to her sister Lauren who apparently, has serious identity issues and packs a few pounds.

Lauren, how did you get into Black Student Union? Don’t you have to be black? Well, do they know you go to Hebrew School? And they don’t care? Listen, I just wanted to tell you that if you decide that you’re going to search for your real,

um your, um birth-biological-whatever I don’t know what you call them. Okay! I just hope you’re not doing this because of what Grandma says. Because she’s crazy, Lauren! Yes she is.

She tied mom to a tree. I don’t know if I ever told you this or not, but for a long time I thought you were like a foster child that was just staying with us for a while until your family came and got you?

And when I found out that you were really my sister, and you were staying, I was so happy. Okay? And that’s always how I felt about you. So whatever you decide . . . Is that my sweater? Is it?!!

You’re not to wear my things. No, you are not! Will you take that off please, fold it and put it outside my door. And fold it nicely. Arms crossing, like this. (Begins to weep.) I love you. Okay?

And that’s what I wanted to tell you. So, you need to hurry up and change your clothes, because mom’s waiting downstairs to take you to Weight Watchers.

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