Gem Of The Ocean – Monologue (Ceasar)

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A monologue from the play by August Wilson


Here…here go a quarter. I’m gonna see what you do with that. These n*ggers take and throw their money away in the saloon and get mad when it’s gone. I give one fellow a quarter and he turn around and give it to the candy man. 

I say he could have did something with that quarter. It wasn’t much but it was twenty-five cents more than he had. He took and threw it away. He can’t see past his nose. He can’t see it’s all set up for him to do anything he want. 

See, he could have took and bought him a can of shoe polish and got him a rag. If he could see that far he’d look up and find twenty-five dollars in his pocket. Twenty-five dollars buys you an opportunity. 

You don’t need but five dollars to get in the crap game. That’s five opportunities he done threw away. The candy man gonna get him a bigger wagon and another five pound of sugar. 

He gonna be digging a ditch the rest of his life. I’m gonna see what you do. You turn that twenty-five cents into five dollars and you come and see me and I’ll give you a job. 

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